Flexible Hanji Paper Tray Waterlily 20x20cm

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  • Item/ISBN: 4260192242169
  • Publisher: KHJ
  • Year: 2020
  • Language: German, French
  • Class: Hanji Paper Tray 20x20cm

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Our unique paper trays are made of Korean Hanji paper and combine modern design with traditional... more
Product information "Flexible Hanji Paper Tray Waterlily 20x20cm"

Our unique paper trays are made of Korean Hanji paper and combine modern design with traditional manufacturing.

The flexible paper trays are water resistant and can be used to keep small items such as jewellery, pencils, office items or to serve dry food items to your friends.
You can form the trays with your hands just as you like it. You can even combine the various sizes with each other. This is modern and sustainable design from Korea!

Hanji is the traditionel und sustainable mulberry paper of Korea
For centuries it has been used in Korean society. Today Hanji is an example of a natural and sustainable product. The raw material of Hanji are twigs of one year old mulberry trees which regrow after harvesting.

Form it with your hands
Our paper trays are flexible and can be formed with your hands according to your needs. Put the leve in front of you. Now form it with one or both hands by bending the leave along the veins.

Water resitant and reusable:
Our Hanji trays are lacquered with a natural shellac which makes them water reistant. Shellac is natural, biologically degradeable, and food safe. The trays can be quickly rinsed unter running water or cleaned with a wet cloth. They should be dryed with a towel right away.
The shellac is sensitive to heat. We recommend the use with cold and dry food items only

Material: Korean Hanji paper, Aluminum

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