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Shipbuilding Technology - Mängelexemplar

Shipbuilding Technology - Mängelexemplar
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  • Year: 2015
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  • Pages: 664
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Remainder Copy with stamp on spine, otherwise like new.

●A Word from the President
●Foreword from Korean edition
●Editor’s Preface

CHAPTER 1: Introduction to Ships and Shipbuilding
1. Definitions of Ships and Their Significance/ 2. Ships and Shipbuilding
3. Types of Ships/4. Origins of Korean Shipbuilding Technologies
5. Outline History of the World Shipbuilding Industry/6. Marine Equipment Industry References

CHAPTER 2: Sale and Purchase of Ships
1. Introduction/ 2. Preparation for Ordering/ 3. Ship-owner’s Decision to Place Orders/ 4. Shipyard’s Bid Preparations/ 5. Contract Negotiations/ 6. Contract Documents/ 7. Contract Management/ 8. After-Delivery Service/ References

CHAPTER 3: Ship Design
1. Definition and Characteristics of Ship Design/ 2. Principal Dimensions as a Design Consideration/ 3. Design Constraints/ 4. Design Process and Steps/ 5. Computer-Aided Ship Design and Application of Information Technology/ References

CHAPTER 4: Hull Form Design
1. Ship’s Principal Particulars and Hull Form Coefficients/ 2. Basics of Hull Form Design/ 3. Hull Forms and Power Requirements/4. Ship Stability and Righting Moments/ 5. Characteristics of Hull Forms by Ship Types/ References

CHAPTER 5: Resistance and Propulsion
1. Introduction/ 2. Viscous Resistance/ 3. Wave-Making Resistance/ 4. Determining the Ship Resistance/ 5. Local Flow Measurements/ 6. Propeller/ 7. Propulsion of Ships/ 8. Powering of Ships/ 9. Cavitation/ 10. Unconventional Propulsors/ References

CHAPTER 6: Ship Motions and Maneuverability
1. Ocean Waves/ 2. Basic Equations of Ship Motions/ 3. Ship Motions in Regular Waves/ 4. Ship Motions in Irregular Waves and Application to Design/ 5. Control of Ship Motions/ 6. Other Major Issues Associated with Ship Motions/ 7. Ship Maneuverability/ 8. Evaluation of Ship Maneuverability/ 9. Control of Ship Maneuvering/ References

CHAPTER 7: Propulsion Plant
1. Development of Marine Propulsion Systems/ 2. Types of Propulsion Machinery/ 3. Shafting System for Ship Propulsion/ 4. Fuels/ 5. Future Technologies for Power and Propulsion Plant/ References

CHAPTER 8: General Arrangement
1. Introduction to Compartments and General Arrangement/ 2. Arrangement of Bulkheads/ 3. Arrangement of Machinery Spaces/ 4. Arrangement of Fuel Oil Tanks/ 5. Arrangement of Cargo Spaces by Ship Type/ 6. Arrangement of Deck Spaces/ 7. Layout of Accommodation Quarters/ 8. Layout of Navigation Bridge/ 9. General Arrangement of Passenger Ships/ References

CHAPTER 9: Ship Structures
1. External Forces Acting on the Hull/ 2. Hull Damage/ 3. Characteristics of Ship Structure/ 4. Structural Strength of the Hull/ 5. Structural Analysis of the Hull/ 6. Vibration and Noise/ References

CHAPTER 10: Outfitting
1. Steering Gear and Rudders/ 2. Navigation and Radio System/ 3. Loading? Unloading System/ 4. Deck Outfitting/ 5. Lifesaving System/ 6. Piping Arrangements/ 7. Fire Safety/ 8. Air Conditioning Facility/ 9. Pollution Prevention Facilities/ 10. Accommodation Outfitting/ 11. Electricity and Lighting/ References

CHAPTER 11: Ship Production Technology
1. Production Design/ 2. Shipbuilding Facilities/ 3. Construction Processes
4. Outfitting Work/ 5. Erection/ 6. Painting Techniques and Paints/ 7. Special Ship Construction Techniques Developed in Korea/ 8. Launching/ 9. Inclining Experiments/ 10. Sea Trials/ References

CHAPTER 12: Production Management
1. Production Planning/ 2. Production Management System/ 3. Simulation of Production Process/ 4. Measuring Techniques/ 5. International Standards/ 6. Surveys/ References

CHAPTER 13: Naval Ships
1. Characteristics of Naval Ships/ 2. Platform Technologies/ 3. Naval Combat System Technologies/ 4. Survivability Technologies/ References

CHAPTER 14: Marine Leisure Craft
1. Forms of Marine Leisure/ 2. Types of Marine Leisure Craft/ 3. Design of Recreational Boats/ 4. Manufacturing Process of Recreational Boats/ 5. Berthing Facilities/ 6. Leisure Boat Industry in Korea/ References

CHAPTER 15: Offshore Structures
1. Principal Platforms for the Development of Marine Resources/ 2. Drilling Platforms/ 3. Production Platforms/ 4. Offshore Support Vessels and Structures/ 5. Structural and Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Offshore Structures/ 6. General Arrangement of Offshore Platforms/ 7. Topsides Design of Floating Offshore Plants/ 8. Maritime Laws and Safety Rules/ References

CHAPTER 16: Life of Ships and Prospects of Ship Technology
1. Life of Ships/ 2. Lifespan of Ships/ 3. Future Prospects of Ship Technology/ References


●Author: The Society of Naval Architects of Korea(SNAK)
●Editor-in-Chief: Kim, Hyochul(Emeritus Professor, Seoul National University)
●Editorial board
- Bong, Hyon Soo : Chairman, Board of Technology Council, KOSHIPA Vice-President, Hanjin Heavy Industry Co.
- Cho, Tae Ik : Chairman, Research Panel on Ship Design, SNAK Managing Director, Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering
- Chon, Young Kee : Chief Engineer, Technology Assistant Center, KR
- Chun, Ho Hwan : Chairman, Research Panel on Naval Vessel, SNAK xii
- Hwang, Sung Hyuk : President, Hwanghwa Company
- Hwangbo, Sueng Myun : Managing Director, Samsung Heavy Industry
- Kang, Sa Joon : Managing Director, Korea Shipbuilders Association
- Kim, Choon Gon : Chairman, Research Panel on Ship Production Technology, SNAK Vice-President, Hyundai Mipo Dockyard Co. Ltd
- Lee, Chun Ju : Chief Researcher, Marine Transportation research team, KRISO
- Lee, Hong Gi : Chairman, Korea Towing Tank Conference, SNAK Managing Director, Hyundai Heavy Industry, Co.
- Leem, Hyo Kwan : Executive Director, STX Offshore and Shipbuilding
- Shin, Hyun Kyoung : Director, Board of Publication, SNAK Professor, University of Ulsan
- Shin, Jong Gye : Chairman, Research Panel on Marine leisure Boat, SNAK Professor, Seoul National University
- Won, Youn Sang : Chairman, Research Panel on Ocean Engineering, SNAK
- Yoon, Bum Sang : Chairman, Research Panel on Ship Hydrodynamics Professor, University of Ulsan
- Hong, Suk Yoon : Chairman, Research Panel on Ship Structure, SNAK Professor, Seoul National University

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