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United States of America vol. 3

In Search of the Country, the Society and the People

United States of America vol. 3
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  • Item/ISBN: 9788934932376
  • Publisher: Gimmyoung
  • Year: 2008
  • Cover: Softcover
  • Pages: 280
  • Language: English
  • Class: Book

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Learn about the US from the Korean point of view in this extensive comic strip history book!... more
Product information "United States of America vol. 3"
Learn about the US from the Korean point of view in this extensive comic strip history book!

Ever since the founding of the Republic of Korea, our nation has adopted the U.S.-style presidency. For the first time in history, the United States adopted a system by which the people elected the nation’s leaders. Korea, which has emulated the United States, has also adopted such a presidential system. Thus, regarding the U.S. Presidents, it is important for Koreans to know what kinds of persons have become President, which Presidents have succeeded and what were the reasons of their successes.

1st George Washington : America’s Founding Father who Laid the Foundation of Democracy
2nd John Adams : Man of Self-sacrifice who Put Country before Ambition
3rd Thomas Jefferson : Author of the Declaration of American Independence, of the Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom and Father of the University of Virginia
4th James Madison : Father of the Constitution that Established Separation of Powers and Checks and Balances
5th James Monroe : Defender of the New World from European Interference
6th John Quincy Adams : Intellectual Leader with Top Educational Background
7th Andrew Jackson : Pioneer of the Era of Mass Democracy
8th Martin Van Buren : First Career Politician to Become President
9th William Henry Harrison : First ‘Image Politician’
10th John Tyler : First Vice President to Ascend to the Presidency via Succession
11th James K. Polk : Fierce Leader of the Era of Territorial Expansion
12th Zachary Taylor : Career Soldier who Went Straight to the White House
13th Millard Fillmore : From Tailor to the White House
14th Franklin Pierce : Northern Traitor, Southern Sympathizer
15th James Buchanan : Another Sacrificial Lamb of the North-South Conflict
16th Abraham Lincoln : Hero, Saint and Martyr: A Giant in U.S. History
17th Andrew Johnson : First President to be Impeached by Congress
18th Ulysses S. Grant : Politically Inept War Hero
19th Rutherford B. Hayes : Morality Politician Out of Touch with Reality
20th James A. Garfield : Corrupt Politician Assassinated while Fighting Corruption
21st Chester A. Arthur : Defender of Presidential Dignity
22nd/24th Grover Cleveland : Foe of Organized Labor
23rd Benjamin Harrison : Gifted Public Speaker, Not So Gifted President
25th William McKinley : Architect of American Imperialism
26th Theodore Roosevelt : The Trustbuster
27th William Howard Taft : Overweight President Overshadowed by His Predecessor
28th Woodrow Wilson : Messenger of World Peace, the American Way
29th Warren G. Harding : Ordinary Leader during Ordinary Times
30th Calvin Coolidge : Laissez-fairist who Narrowly Escaped the Great Depression
31st Herbert C. Hoover : Competent Leader Swamped by the Great Depression
32nd Franklin Delano Roosevelt : Creator of the New Deal
33rd Harry S. Truman : Little Big Man who Took America to Center Stage
34th Dwight D. Eisenhower : Preserver of World Peace amid the Intensifying Cold War
35th John F. Kennedy : The Camelot Myth: Image More than Achievements
36th Lyndon B. Johnson : Man of Contradictions-Leader of the Great Society, Commander of the Dirty War
37th Richard M. Nixon : Diplomatic Genius Overshadowed by Watergate
38th Gerald R. Ford : Restorer of Ethics to the Presidency
39th James Earl (Jimmy) Carter : Unsuccessful Morality Politician, Reborn as the Apostle of Peace
40th Ronald W. Reagan : Conqueror of Communism
41st George H. W. Bush : Pioneer of New World Order
42nd William Jefferson (Bill) Clinton : Leader of Times of Unprecedented Economic Prosperity
43rd George W. Bush : Self-righteous Warrior against Terror

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