Sejong Korean 2 - Korean+English (MP3 Download)

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Sejong Korean 2 - Korean+English (MP3 Download)
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  • Item/ISBN: 9791185872568
  • Year: 2019
  • Cover: Softcover
  • Pages: 188
  • Language: Korean, English
  • Class: Buch

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  NEWEST EDITION: Audio files available for download at the publisher. Direct link:... more
Product information "Sejong Korean 2 - Korean+English (MP3 Download)"

NEWEST EDITION: Audio files available for download at the publisher. Direct link:

This book presents interesting and systematic learning contents to improve communication skills of Korean learners and cultural contents that allow them to experience Korean culture widely. In addition, it contains various contents for balanced learning of communication activities and language elements to improve fluency and accuracy evenly.

‘Sejong Korean 2’ is composed of 14 units and 4 cultural units, and each unit contains about 30 words, so the total number of words in the textbook is 392. Vocabulary related to the topic and communication activities of the unit was selected based on frequency of use and difficulty. There are two grammars per unit, and the total number of grammar items in the textbook is 28. In addition, the culture unit is structured so that it can be handled lightly in 10 minutes in a related unit that shares a topic or can be studied as a separate unit in connection with Nuri-King Sejong Institute.

교재 구성표

제 1 과 안부
제 2 과 취미 활동
제 3 과 음식
문화 1 한국 음식

제 4 과 교통
제 5 과 길 찾기
제 6 과 전화
문화 2 한국의 대중교통

제 7 과 외모
제 8 과 가족
제 9 과 여행
문화 3 한국의 여행지

제 10 과 건강
제 11 과 모임
제 12 과 고향
문화 4 한국 사람들의 모임

제 13 과 기분과 감정
제 14 과 미래

듣기 대본
문법 설명
어휘 색인


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