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Korean 2 - Hangugeo 2 - with MP3 CD

Korean 2 - Hangugeo 2 - mit MP3 CD
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  • Item/ISBN: 9788971413470
  • Publisher: Yonsei University Press
  • Year: 2008
  • Cover: Softcover
  • Pages: 293
  • Language: English
  • Class: Buch

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Korean 2 is a basic level textbook for foreigners and adult overseas Koreans who wish to learn... more
Product information "Korean 2 - Hangugeo 2 - with MP3 CD"

Korean 2 is a basic level textbook for foreigners and adult overseas Koreans who wish to learn Korean. As such, its contents are designed to exemplify essential everyday conversation. We have written it bearing in mind those topics and situations, a knowledge of which is essential for living in Korea. By introducing Korean culture and the Korean way of thinking, we have also attempted to aid those who intend to major in Korean Studies.

The STRUCTURE section is composed of Conversations, New Vocabulary, Grammar, Pattern Exercises, and an Index.

The CONVERSATION section is made up of 10 lessons, where each lesson has five sub-divisions, each sub-division has 6 lines (3 conversational exchanges), and the last sub-division is a prose text for review purposes.

The VOCABULARYS are introduced in steps according to their frequency, and for each topic we have selected those words most essential to conversation on the topic. New words are listed below each new conversation in order to facilitate recognition, and each unit has 71 words for a total of 713 words.

The GRAMMAR section has been edited according to a system readily learnable by foreigners, and grammar has been graded according to the level of difficulty: grammar is introduced in steps from the easier and more basic to the more advanced and difficult. Each sub-division introduces and explains the new grammatical elements which appear in the conversations, the aggregate of these explanations making up a systematic whole.

The grammatical explanations 1) are designed to help the foreign student with problems of usage, 2) take into account the student's mother tongue, and 3) strive to show how the patterns are used and under what circumstances. In order to aid the foreign student's understanding of the grammatical explanations, each is furnished with additional illustrative examples. New vocabularys appearing in the example sentences are not treated as NEW VOCABULARY, and are not listed in the INDEX.

The PATTERN EXERCISES are designed to allow the learned to use the language freely. We have included a separate PATTERN EXERCISE section in order to bring the learner to the point where external stimuli evoke proper linguistic responses automatically and freely. By practicing grammatical peculiarities within sentence structures, we have strived not only to convert the student's knowledge of grammar to actual linguistic practice, but to help the student to acquire new vocabulary and master the phonological rules of the language. Words deemed necessary for the illustrated patterns are given as NEW VOCABULARY, and are listed in the INDEX.



Lesson 11: Korean Food

Lesson 12: Traffic

Lesson 13: The Post Office

Lesson 14: Household Chores

Lesson 15: Buying Things

Lesson 16: A Trip

Lesson 17: An Automobile

Lesson 18: On the Telephone

Lesson 19: Getting Sick

Lesson 20: At the Office

Vocabulary Index
Grammar Index

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