Common Mistakes Korean Learners Make

한국어 학습자들이 자주 하는 100가지 실수

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  • Year: 2019
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Avoid these common mistakes and have more confidence! Making mistakes is a natural part of... more
Product information "Common Mistakes Korean Learners Make"

Avoid these common mistakes and have more confidence!

Making mistakes is a natural part of learning a new language, but knowing which mistakes are commonly made by other learners and how to fix them can save you a lot of time and trouble. This book, which we made in collaboration with Billy from the famous Youtube channel, GO! Billy Korean, will help you learn about the 100 most common mistakes you can avoid when speaking Korean. All Korean learners can benefit from this book as it deals with mistakes made by Korean learners regardless of their level.

Billy’s channel broadly covers topics about Korea from the culture, food, tourist destinations to even Korean dialects. Working on this book with Billy, who is also a Korean learner himself, we were able to better pinpoint what Korean learners struggle with when using Korean.

In addition to introducing common mistakes and why they need to be avoided, we also give you in-depth explanations about how to say the same thing more naturally, along with sample sentences.

Free audio files are available HERE

You can also listen to native speakers' pronunciation for each of the sample sentences presented throughout the book. All the sentences are recorded at two different speeds (normal and slow).


Table Of Contents


How To Use This Book

Chapter 1. Korean Word Order Is Different

Chapter 2. To Be Or Not To Be

Chapter 3. Don’t Mix Politeness Levels

Chapter 4. Don’t Be Afraid To Be Formal

Chapter 5. How Not To Form Negative Sentences

Chapter 6. Special Verbs For Negative Sentences

Chapter 7. Honorifics Can’t Be Used For Everything

Chapter 8. Be Humble When Talking About Yourself

Chapter 9. Don’t Say “You”

Chapter 10. There Is No “He” Or “She”

Chapter 11. Please Don’t Say “Please”

Chapter 12. Counting Heads

Chapter 13. Counting Things

Chapter 14. That’s Not The Only Way To Say “Only”

Chapter 15. How To Raise A Pet

Chapter 16. Counting Animals

Chapter 17. Just Because You Don’t, Doesn’t Mean You Can’t

Chapter 18. Listing Past Tense Actions

Chapter 19. Not Using “And” Enough

Chapter 20. When To Use “If” And “When”

Chapter 21. Plural Forms Are More Flexible In Korean

Chapter 22. How Are You?

Chapter 23. Let’s Not Do It

Chapter 24. How Much Later Will It Be?

Chapter 25. Hot Weather That’ll Burn Your Finger

Chapter 26. You’re Wearing Clothes Wrong

Chapter 27. They’re My Parents, Not Ours

Chapter 28. Hello And Goodbye

Chapter 29. Coming And Going

Chapter 30. Leave Now And Come Back

Chapter 31. What Time Is It?

Chapter 32. What Day Is It?

Chapter 33. Organizing Your Time

Chapter 34. What’s Your Name?

Chapter 35. Saying Your Age Wrong

Chapter 36. How Old Are You?

Chapter 37. Speak Casually To Yourself

Chapter 38. What Do You Think?

Chapter 39. The Plain Form

Chapter 40. Explaining What You Think

Chapter 41. How To Use -에 And -에서

Chapter 42. You’re Welcome

Chapter 43. Transitive And Intransitive Verbs

Chapter 44. What Do You Want?

Chapter 45. I Need It

Chapter 46. What Will You Do?

Chapter 47. Saying You’re Sorry

Chapter 48. Who’s Who?

Chapter 49. Who’s There?

Chapter 50. This And That

Chapter 51. This Or That

Chapter 52. Well, Excuse Me!

Chapter 53. Because Doesn’t Mean Because

Chapter 54. It’s Because Of You!

Chapter 55. Again And Again

Chapter 56. Setting The Topic

Chapter 57. Choosing The Topic

Chapter 58. Don’t Overuse The Object Marker

Chapter 59. How Not To Combine Particles

Chapter 60. Adding Emotion

Chapter 61. Adding More Emotion

Chapter 62. You Can’t Play A Computer

Chapter 63. The Third Person

Chapter 64. Don’t Be Sad

Chapter 65. What’s The Temperature?

Chapter 66. Counting Months

Chapter 67. Inside Or Within

Chapter 68. Family Terms

Chapter 69. How To Make Friends

Chapter 70. Suggestions Can Be Rude

Chapter 71. The 데 Form

Chapter 72. From When To When

Chapter 73. From Whom To Whom

Chapter 74. Asking To Someone

Chapter 75. Seeing And Hearing

Chapter 76. Body Parts Don’t Have Emotions

Chapter 77. Don’t Translate Literally

Chapter 78. Did You Forget?

Chapter 79. Try To Remember

Chapter 80. Familiar Names

Chapter 81. Dear John

Chapter 82. I Cut My Finger

Chapter 83. How To Clean Everything

Chapter 84. Irregular ㅂ Verbs

Chapter 85. Looking Forward To It

Chapter 86. Break A Leg!

Chapter 87. Answering Negative Questions

Chapter 88. Too Many

Chapter 89. Are You A Shy Person?

Chapter 90. Saying Yes

Chapter 91. Saying No

Chapter 92. Spelling Matters Too

Chapter 93. Through Doing

Chapter 94. Want It To

Chapter 95. You Wanna?

Chapter 96. It’s Unfortunately Incorrect

Chapter 97. For Me And You

Chapter 98. All The While

Chapter 99. The Busiest Store

Chapter 100. Saying That’s Too Bad

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