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My First Writing Practice In Korean

30-Day Writing Challenge For Your Journal or Social Media

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  • Item/ISBN: 9791191343533
  • Publisher: Longtail
  • Year: 2022
  • Cover: Softcover
  • Pages: 188
  • Language: English, Korean
  • Class: Book

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Simply follow the guidelines and simple missions in this book and you will find yourself writing... more
Product information "My First Writing Practice In Korean"

Simply follow the guidelines and simple missions in this book and you will find yourself writing in Korean much better and much more confidently! Great for all levels!

Here’s why you are going to love this book!

  • You can learn commonly used day-to-day Korean expressions.
  • You can turn everyday moments into learning opportunities.
  • Your social media feed will become more interesting!
  • Daily writing practices will give you a confidence boost in your Korean skills.

What was your day like today? What is on your mind right now? What are you celebrating? These are not only good questions to answer on social media, but also great topics to write about for improving your Korean! Improve your Korean writing skills by sticking to a regular schedule with the 30-day challenge in this book.

Made Specifically for Effective Daily Writing Practices

Writing practices are a crucial part of learning to “speak” Korean well. You can slow down and construct sentences at your own pace before you use them. It is not always easy, however, to decide what to write about. The TTMIK team designed this book so that even learners with no writing experience can start making realistic and natural sentences in Korean!

Share Your Day on Social Media in Korean!

Just follow the friendly guidelines in this book and fill in the blanks with words about your own daily life. You will find yourself writing very natural and interesting captions for your social media posts in Korean! Every time you take a photo with your phone, you can easily find a phrase or sentence structure you can use to make a really cool Korean caption.

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Table of Contents

How to Use This Book
Korean Language Basics
Day 1. [N] 시작: 휴가 시작
Day 2. [N1] + -(이)랑 [N2]: 엄마랑 쇼핑
Day 3. [N] 중: 산책 중
Day 4. 오늘도 [N]: 오늘도 운동
Day 5. [N] 전: 외출 전
Day 6. [N1] + -이/가 좋아하는 [N2]: 내가 좋아하는 옷
Day 7. [N] 끝: 청소 끝
Day 8. 오랜만에 [N]: 오랜만에 치킨
Day 9. 너무 [Adj] + -다!: 너무 귀엽다!
Day 10. [N1] + -의 [N2] Part 1: 오늘의 점심
Day 11. [N1] + -의 [N2] Part 2: 예지의 그림
Day 12. [N] + -을/를 [V] + -았/었/였다.: 카메라를 샀다.
Day 13. 아! [V] + -고 싶다!: 아! 여행 가고 싶다!
Day 14. 아! [V] + -기 싫다!: 아! 일어나기 싫다!
Day 15. [V] + -기 성공: 1년에 책 100권 읽기 성공
Day 16. 나를 위한 [N]: 나를 위한 선물
Day 17. [N1] + -은/는 [N2] + -와/과 함께: 케이크는 커피와 함께
Day 18. [N] + -은/는 처음: 운전은 처음
Day 19. [V] + -(으)ㄹ 때 [Adj] + -(으)ㄴ/는 [N]: 웃을 때 예쁜 소희
Day 20. [Adj] + -(으)ㄴ/는 [N]: 피곤한 월요일
Day 21. [Adj] + -(으)ㄹ 것 같다.: 맛있을 것 같다.
Day 22. [N] + -을/를 [V] + -(으)ㄹ까 고민 중: 머리를 자를까 고민 중
Day 23. [V] + -고 있는 나: 졸고 있는 나
Day 24. 내가 [V] + -는 이유: 내가 살이 찌는 이유
Day 25. 벌써 [N] + -(이)네.: 벌써 12월이네.
Day 26. [N] + -이/가 별로 [Adj] + -네.: 사람이 별로 없네.
Day 27. [V] + -(으)ㄹ 수 있을까?: 오늘 집에 갈 수 있을까?
Day 28. [V] + -(으)세요.: 주말 잘 보내세요.
Day 29. [V/Adj] + -아/어/여요. / [V/Adj] + -(스)ㅂ니다.: 결혼해요. / 결혼합니다.
Day 30. [V/Adj] + -았/었/였어요. / [V/Adj] + -았/었/였습니다.: 행복한 생일이었어요. / 행복한 생일이었습니다.

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