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Hanbok: The Art of Korean Clothing

조선시대 우리옷

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  • Item/ISBN: 9788932309477m
  • Publisher: Hyeonmunsa
  • Year: 1998
  • Cover: Softcover
  • Pages: 192
  • Language: Korean
  • Class: Book

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With a personal touch that can only come from one who truly loves Korea and the majestic... more
Product information "Hanbok: The Art of Korean Clothing"
With a personal touch that can only come from one who truly loves Korea and the majestic history of Korean clothing, Sunny Yang has written a comprehensive book about Korean Hanbok. For people from all corners of the world to enjoy, the descriptions of Korean clothing are rich in detail yet personalize with Sunny Yang's own experiences and opinions of Korean clothing.

"Hanbok - The Art of Korean Clothing" takes the reader on a journey from the simple hemp costume worn in the Neolithic Age, to the complex costumes of Yi Dynasty Royalty and the new creations of the twentieth century. It draws the reader into a world known to few westerners, yet vivid in its detail of ancient custom and craftmanship. Extensive interviews and research by Sunny Yang unveil the intricacies involved in creating Hanbok and its accessories. Furthermore, not only what was worn, but why and when certain ceremonial and symbolic articles of clothing were worn, help to paint the full picture of Korean traditional life. . .

What ensues is not only a well documented history of clothing in Korea, but a portrait of Korean history itself, and the traditions and culture of the Korean people that are to fascinate, entertain, and educate."


Chronological Comparison Chart

  1. Prehistoric Age
  2. The Three Kingdoms Period
    • Old Shilla (57 B.C.-668 A.D.)
    • Koguryo (37 B.C.-668 A.D.)
    • Paekche (18 B.C.-660 A.D.)
    • Unified Shilla (668 A.D.-935 A.D.)
  3. The Koryo Kingdom (918-1392)
  4. The Yi Dynasty (1392-1910)
    • Basic Hanbok
    • Official Dress for Men
    • Official Dress for Women
    • Dress of the Commoners
    • Dress for other Members
    • Costume for Special Occasions
    • The End of the Yi Dynasty
  5. The Modernization Era (1800-1947)
    • Changes of Men's Clothing
    • Men's Headdress
    • Change of Women's Clothing and Accessories
    • Women's Headdress
  6. Contemorary Creations (1948 - )


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