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My Weekly Korean Vocabulary Book 1

with 1600+ everyday sample expressions

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  • Item/ISBN: 9788956057187
  • Publisher: Longtail
  • Year: 2014
  • Cover: Softcover
  • Pages: 288
  • Language: English
  • Class: Book

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In just 12 weeks you can develop a more robust vocabulary and speak Korean more fluently with My... more
Product information "My Weekly Korean Vocabulary Book 1"

In just 12 weeks you can develop a more robust vocabulary and speak Korean more fluently with My Weekly Korean Vocabulary!

If you are tired of memorizing vocabulary and seeing very little progress, this book offers an alternative way to learn and apply Korean vocabulary words and sentences to your life at whatever level of Korean you are comfortable with so you actually learn the words rather than simply memorizing. Each day you have one new keyword, and built upon that keyword are 20 additional phrases and sentences that get progressively longer.

You can use this book as a 12-week study aid or as a reference book. Stash it in your backpack or purse to use a phrasebook when you’re traveling around Korea. It does not matter how to use this book or what your level of Korean is as long as you know how to read 한글 (Hangeul)! Whether you are a beginner or advanced Korean learner, everyone can benefit from using My Weekly Korean Vocabulary book.
You can see the following in this book:

    84 key words to study with
    20 sample sentences for each word
    User-created drawings to help you visualize words
    Vocabulary & grammar breakdown notes

보다 to see; to look; to watch; to meet up; to read
전화 phone call; telephone
듣다 to hear; to listen
친구 friend
말하다 to talk; to say; to speak; to tell
노래 song
가르치다 to teach

먹다 to eat; to drink
공부 studies, one’s learning
마시다 to drink
일 work; task
읽다 to read
질문 question
쓰다 to write

빠르다 to be fast
지각 being late (for school/work/appointment)
느리다 to be slow
요리 cooking, cookery
깨끗하다 to be clean
냄새 smell, odor
지저분하다 to be messy; to be dirty

기다리다 to wait
운동 exercise, workout; sport(s)
뛰다 to run; to jump
길 road, street; way
걷다 to walk
요일 day of the week
앉다 to sit

배우다 to learn; to study
손 hand
잊다 to forget
발 foot
있다 to be there; to exist; to have
눈 eye
없다 to not have; to be not there; to not exist

울다 to cry
짜증 irritation, annoyance
웃다 to laugh, smile
걱정 worry, concern
재미있다 to be fun; to be funny; to be interesting
문제 problem, issue; thing; matter
지루하다 to be boring; to be bored

크다 to be big; to be tall; to be loud
돈 money
작다 to be small, little
시간 time; hour
좋아하다 to like
머리 head; hair
싫어하다 to dislike, hate

자다 to sleep
잠 sleep
일어나다 to wake up; to get up
거짓말 lie
만나다 to meet (up); to be seeing someone
사이 relationship, relations
헤어지다 to part; to break up

무섭다 to be scary; to be scared
돕다 to help
이상하다 to be weird, odd, strange
묻다 to ask
화내다 to be angry at someone; to yell at someone out of anger
생각 thought; opinion; idea
부럽다 to be jealous, envious

만들다 to make
이유 reason
입다 to wear (clothes)
실패 failure
열다 to open
성공 success
닫다 to close

사다 to buy
약속 plans; promise
팔다 to sell
부족 shortage, lack, insufficiency
알다 to know
밥 food; meal; cooked rice
모르다 to not know

주다 to give
사랑 love
받다 to receive
연락 contact
원하다 to want
문자 text message
빌리다 to borrow; to rent

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