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Active Korean 1 (QR) - Mängelexemplar

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  • Art.Nr./ISBN: 9788953949218m
  • Verlag: Two Ponds
  • Jahr: 2023 (1st ed. 2011)
  • Einband: Softcover
  • Seitenzahl: 162
  • Sprache: Korean, English
  • Medientyp: Book + Free Audio Download

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Produktinformationen "Active Korean 1 (QR) - Mängelexemplar"

Mängelexempar:  Bucheck oben rechts angestossen, sonst neu und einwandfrei

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New edition with QR MP3 streaming and downloadable audio resources by QR Code at the publisher Two Ponds.

This new edition does not contain a CD anymore.

Active Korean, with 4-levels of Student Book and workbooks, is focused on Korean communication skills.

  • Dialogues are based on everyday-life situations that are easily adapted our real life.
  • Each unit is organized according to the flow of a real class environment, from Vocabulary, Key Dialogues, Conversation Drills, to Tasks & Activities, making it easy for learners to follow.
  • Grammar Points and Grammar Reference help learners understand the usages of grammar points, which also make self-study possible.
  • Vivid pictures and illustrations help learners understand the text and stimulate their interest.


Table of Contents

How to Use This Book
Scope and Sequence

UNIT 1 Hangul (Korean Alphabet)
UNIT 2 Greeting and Introduction
UNIT 3 Restaurant
UNIT 4 Shopping
UNIT 5 Daily Activities
UNIT 6 Time
UNIT 7 Appointment
UNIT 8 Location and Direction
UNIT 9 Telephone

Grammar Reference
Listening Transcript

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