Soohee KIM, Emily CURTIS, Haewon CHO

You Speak Korean! Volume 1, Textbook

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Art.Nr./ISBN: 0972835601

Verlag: ParadigmBusters

Jahr: 2003

Einband: Paperback

Seitenzahl: 260

Sprache: English, Korean

Medientyp: Book


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Produktinformationen "You Speak Korean! Volume 1, Textbook"

You Speak Korean! can be used as a textbook
� in non-heritage college classes (for speakers of English)
� in heritage classes (speakers with home Korean background)
� in community-based classes
� for self-studying individuals

You Speak Korean! series features
� Team of Experienced Language Teachers as authors, who have extensive background in Linguistics and language-learning
� Classroom Testing for years in one of the nation's largest Korean programs, with heritage and non-heritage students
� Comprehensive glossaries, both English-to-Korean and Korean-to-English
� Fun and Enlightening Culture points and Language Points
� Catchy Mnemonic tips and examples to demonstrate semantic nuance
� Full-color illustrations to limit "translation" and encourage conceptualization
� Witty and natural dialogues and cultural notes relevant to modern student life
� vocabulary lessons � Useful and Fun Vocabulary sets introduced thematically
� Build fluency on various everyday topics
� Vocabulary exercises for every vocabulary list

� grammar lessons � focus on common Korean verb forms and expressions
� explanations are concise but thorough
� right and wrong example sentences for grammar points
� grammar exercises build in complexity and integrate previous grammar and vocabulary

� exercises emphasize 1-on-1 communication and context for grammar and vocabulary usage
� reading comprehension offers review and expanded context for chapter grammar and vocabulary
� workbook , listening exercises , even songs all contribute to make this series a complete, fun course!

About the Authors

SOOHEE KIM has been teaching heritage and non-heritage Korean courses since 1999 at University of Washington and has built one of the nation's largest Korean language programs. She has a Ph.D. in theoretical linguistics and taught English as a Foreign Language in Korea. She has also taught General, Korean and Asian Linguistics courses in the U.S. She has studied English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Japanese, Quechua and Tagalog.

EMILY CURTIS has a Ph .D. in theoretical linguistics and has studied French, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, and German. She has taught French and Linguistics in the U.S. and Canada and spent two years teaching English in Japan.

HAEWON CHO has MA degrees in theoretical Linguistics, TESL and Advertising, She has studied English, French and Japanese. She has been teaching Korean since 2000 and is currently teaching at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.


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