Kang Seung-hae

Fast & Fun Korean for Short-Term Learners 1

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Art.Nr./ISBN: 9788959958290

Verlag: Darakwon

Jahr: 2009

Einband: Softcover

Seitenzahl: 176

Sprache: Korean, English

Medientyp: Book and CD


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Produktinformationen "Fast & Fun Korean for Short-Term Learners 1"

* Includes vocabulary, core grammar patterns, and practical conversation
* Learn speaking, listening, reading and writing in an integrated fashion!
* Study with minimal effort through a variety of conversation practice exercises and activities

머리말 Preface
이 책의 구성과 활용 How to Use This Book
차례 Table of Contents

Unit 01. 안녕하세요? 만나서 반가워요.
Hello! Pleased to meet you.

Unit 02. 동생이 둘 있어요.
I have two younger siblings.

Unit 03. 기숙사가 어디에 있어요? Where is the dormitory?

Unit 04. 생일이 언제예요?
When is your birthday?

Unit 05. 취미가 뭐예요?
What is your hobby?

Unit 06. 순두부하고 된장찌개 주세요.
We�ll have Sundubu and Doenjang jjigae, please.

Unit 07. 집에서 쉬었어요.
I relaxed at home.

Unit 08. 백화점 정문 앞에서 두 시에 만나요.
Let�s meet at 2 o�clock in front of the Department Store.

Unit 09. 2호선에서 3호선으로 갈아타야 해요.
You should transfer from subway Line 2 to Line 3.

Unit 10. 좀 큰 걸로 주세요.
Please give me a bigger one.

Unit 11. 영희 씨 계세요?
Is Yeonghee there?

Unit 12. 제주도에 가 봤어요?
Have you been to Jeju Island?

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