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Introductory Course in Korean, Book 2

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Art.Nr./ISBN: 9788971413616

Verlag: Yonsei University Press

Jahr: 2000

Einband: Softcover

Seitenzahl: 542

Sprache: English

Medientyp: Buch


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The first edition of An Introductory Course in Korean appeared in 1982. It was well received by students and teachers because it presented a systematic and understandable approach to the basics of Korean orthography. pronunciation and grammar. Times and needs change rapidly, however, and the author was invited to realise and expand it to meet those needs.

The general method and structure of the first edition are maintained in this second edition, and Korean writing is used from the start.

The sample texts of the first edition were edited or re-written to make them more current as to fact and as to diction. Three new lessons were intercalated to make progress smoother. The grammar sections were revised in the light of teaching experience, and reference features for the convenience of the student were added. And to the framework of this revision was added a conversation component.

This edition of the Introductory Course is issued in three volumes. Books 1 and 2 comprise the revised material of the one-volume first edition, now in 27 lessons instead of 24. Book 1 contains the introduction to Korean writing and pronunciation and Lessons 1-14. Book 2 contains Lessons 15 -27; it also contains the general glossaries, appendixes and indexes to the grammar for Books 1 and 2.

Book 3 comprises the newly added conversation component. It is structured to be used as an accompaniment to Books 1 and 2, so it is separately subtitled A Conversation Companion to Books 1 und 2. Each of its 27 lessons contains a sample conversation linked by topic or theme to the correspondingly numbered lesson in Books 1 and 2.


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