Ganada Korean for Foreigners Advanced 1

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Art.Nr./ISBN: 9788955181678

Jahr: 2005

Seitenzahl: 224

Medientyp: Book + 4 CDs


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Produktinformationen "Ganada Korean for Foreigners Advanced 1"

You can learn Korean in a very easy way through step by step linguistic method !

You can experience Korean language as well as Korean culture through interaction of texts compiled from active daily conversations.

You can learn by yourself Korean language through this textbook for its detailed and kind teaching method, especially illustrated in commentary.

From the elementary step to an advanced step, there are all 6 volumes. You can start learning Korean by properly selecting your own level. (Elementary course-1,2/Intermediate course-1,2/Advanced course-1,2)

In every 5 lessons there are selections of reading, listening, and writing exercise. They will promote and elevate your adaptability of language skills by reviewing a variety of examples.

You can increase your ability of language skills by listening to tapes of accurate pronunciations recorded by the Korean language expertise.

실생활 용어로 구성된 회화문으로 한국어와 한국문화를 함께 체험할 수 있다. 자세하면서도 친절한 해설로 혼자서도 쉽게 공부할 수 있으며 초급에서 고급까지 6권으로 되어 있어 자신에게 알맞은 레벨을 골라 시작할 수 있다. 5과 마다 실려 있는 읽기·듣기·쓰기 연습은 다양한 문제 유형으로 응용력을 높여준다. 정확한 한국인 발음의 듣기 CD로 말하기·듣기 실력을 향상시킬 수 있도록 했다.


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