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SNU Korean+ 2B Student's Book

SNU Korean+ 2B Student's Book
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  • Art.Nr./ISBN: 9788952131249
  • Jahr: 2022
  • Einband: Softcover
  • Seitenzahl: 179
  • Sprache: Korean, English
  • Medientyp: Book + Free Audio Download

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Seoul National University Korean, written by the nation’s top Korean language education... mehr
Produktinformationen "SNU Korean+ 2B Student's Book"

Seoul National University Korean, written by the nation’s top Korean language education instructors, is a new textbook for regular courses planned by the Seoul National University Language Education Center and published by the Seoul National University Press to improve Korean language learners’ Korean language skills in an efficient and step-by-step manner. Seoul National University Korean consists of 1 to 6 levels to cover from beginners to advanced users of the Korean language. Each level consists of an A and B sublevel with a Student's Book and a supplementary Workbook.

Table of Contents

머리말 Preface
일러두기 How to Use This Book
교재 구성표 Scope and Sequence
등장인물 Characters

10단원 학교생활 School Life 10-1. 우리 같이 시험공부를 하자 Let’s study for the test 10-2. 기숙사를 신청하려면 어떻게 해야 하나요? How do I apply for the dorms?
11단원 음식 Food 11-1. 난 순두부찌개 먹을래 I want to have soft tofu stew 11-2. 제가 먹어 본 냉면 중에서 제일 맛있었어요 Out of all the cold noodles I’ve had, this is the best
12단원 외모와 성격 Appearances & Personalities 12-1. 까만 스웨터를 입고 있어요 The man is wearing a black sweater 12-2. 제 친구는 바다처럼 마음이 넓습니다 My friend has a heart of gold
13단원 감정 Emotions 13-1. 너무 속상하겠어요 You must be so upset 13-2. 친구들과 친해지고 싶습니다 I want to become close with my classmates
14단원 인생 Life 14-1. 대학교에 입학하게 됐어요 I was admitted to a university 14-2. 고마운 사람을 만난 적이 있습니다 I’ve met someone I’m thankful for
15단원 집 House 15-1. 방이 넓어서 살기 좋아요 It’s a nice place to live because the room is large 15-2. 벽에 가족사진이 걸려 있습니다 A family picture is hanging on the wall
16단원 예절 Etiquette 16-1. 반말을 해도 돼요? Can I speak informally to you? 16-2. 공연 중에 사진을 찍으면 안 됩니다 You cannot take photos during the performance
17단원 문화 Culture 17-1. 콘서트를 보기 위해서 표를 사 놓았어요 I bought a ticket to see a concert 17-2. 추석은 한국의 큰 명절 중 하나다 Chuseok is one of Korea’s biggest holidays
18단원 추억과 꿈 Memories & Dreams 18-1. 이번 학기가 끝나서 좋기는 하지만 아쉬워요 I’m glad this semester is over, but I’m a bit sad 18-2. 한국에 온 지 벌써 6개월이나 됐다 I’ve been in Korea for 6 months already

부록 Appendix


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