Become a Hangeul Master (English)

Become a Hangeul Master (English)
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  • Art.Nr./ISBN: 9788956057194
  • Verlag: Longtail
  • Jahr: 2015
  • Einband: Softcover
  • Seitenzahl: 160
  • Sprache: English
  • Medientyp: Book

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After studying with this book, you too will be a 한글마스터!     Have you ever... mehr
Produktinformationen "Become a Hangeul Master (English)"

After studying with this book, you too will be a 한글마스터!

    Have you ever struggled to read the titles of your favorite K-dramas because of the fancy or handwritten font?
    Do you sometimes wonder what Korean handwriting says because you can’t entirely make out all the letters?
    Do you just want to learn to read and write 한글 better?

With 한글마스터, you will master the Korean writing system in no time!

We cover all the 한글 letters in detail and give you tips on how to easily read Korean handwriting or fonts. This is why we believe you will find this book super useful even if you already know how to read Hangeul. 

TalkToMeInKorean is a website and community where learning Korean may not be magically easy, but is fun and exciting. Language learning can be boring, challenging, and sometimes frustrating, especially when there are not enough motivating or fun factors. As a community that motivates and nurtures learners to develop their language skills in fun and innovative ways, the variety of content available at Talk To Me In Korean has drawn over 1.9 million people to the site to download over 50 million lessons.


Chapter I. The History of Hangeul
Chapter II. Introduction to Hangeul
“Time-out #1” When Do Koreans Learn Hangeul?
Chapter III. Learn Hangeul
Unit I. Single Vowels (단모음)
Unit II. Consonants (자음) Part 1
Unit III. Consonants (자음) Part 2 (Aspirated Consonants)
Drills and Exercises (Unit I ~ Unit III)
Unit IV. Compound Vowels (이중모음) Part 1 – y+vowel
Unit V. Compound Vowels (이중모음) Part 2 – w+vowel and u+i
Drills and Exercises (Unit IV ~ Unit V)
Unit VI. Bat-chim (받침, Final Consonants)
Unit VII. Double Consonants (쌍자음)
Unit VIII. Compound Consonants as Bat-chim (겹받침)
Unit IX. Linking Sounds in Korean
Drills and Exercises (Unit VI ~ Unit IX)
Final Test
“Time-out #2” You Know More Korean Than You Think
Chapter IV. Hangeul Handwriting
Unit I. Korean Handwriting Tips
“Time-out #3” Abbreviations in Korean Slang
Unit II. Practice Your Handwriting
“Time-out #4” Shortening Sentences Without Sacrificing Meaning
Unit III. Korean Handwriting Quiz
“Time-out #5” Chinese Characters in the Korean Language

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