Everyday Korean Idiomatic Expressions

Everyday Korean Idiomatic Expressions
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  • Jahr: 2015
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TalkToMeInKorean is a website and community where learning Korean may not be magically easy, but is fun and exciting. Language learning can be boring, challenging, and sometimes frustrating, especially when there are not enough motivating or fun factors. As a community that motivates and nurtures learners to develop their language skills in fun and innovative ways, the variety of content available at Talk To Me In Korean has drawn over 1.9 million people to the site to download over 50 million lessons.



CHAPTER. 1 뒷북치다
CHAPTER. 2 두 손 두발 다 들다
CHAPTER. 3 아직 멀었어요
CHAPTER. 4 놀고 있다
CHAPTER. 5 뒤통수치다
CHAPTER. 6 불난 데 부채질 하다
CHAPTER. 7 입을 모으다
CHAPTER. 8 손 놓고 있다
CHAPTER. 9 번지수를 잘못 찾다
CHAPTER. 10 말을 돌리다


CHAPTER. 91 손꼽아 기다리다
CHAPTER. 92 날개 돋친 듯 팔리다
CHAPTER. 93 물거품이 되다
CHAPTER. 94 바람맞다
CHAPTER. 95 갈수록 태산이다
CHAPTER. 96 꿀 먹은 벙어리
CHAPTER. 97 속는 셈 치고
CHAPTER. 98 일이 꼬이다
CHAPTER. 99 화풀이하다
CHAPTER. 100 모르는 게 약이다


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