Park Sunyoung, Ahn Yongjun

K-POP Korean 2

Learn Korean with Original K-Pop Songs

K-POP Korean 2
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  • Art.Nr./ISBN: 9788927732884
  • Verlag: Darakwon
  • Jahr: 2022
  • Einband: Softcover
  • Seitenzahl: 248
  • Sprache: English
  • Medientyp: Book

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Produktinformationen "K-POP Korean 2"
Learn Korean with Original K-pop Songs!

K-Pop Korean 2 is the sequel of the best-selling book . The target of the book is foreign learners whose TOPIK level is 1 or 2 and who want to learn Korean language as well as Korean culture and general public who are interested in Korean and K-Pop. The 25 k-pop songs in the book are selected from K-pop Idols and singers who have caught global popularity in the recent 5-6 years. The book is organized for the readers to see the entire lyrics of each song at the first glance. Two key Korean expressions were selected from each and explained what they mean with examples sentences and related vocabulary to deepen learners’ understanding. This book, especially, is focusing on Korean culture and speaking Korean. There is a dedicated section at the end of each song lesson covering interesting Korean culture makes it easier to understand the background of Korean culture underlying in the song with fun illustrations and images. The best part of the book is QR codes through which one can check the record of example sentences and vocabulary of Korean expressions by a professional Korean voice actor.

▪ A fun textbook with 22 K-pop songs with which you can learn Korean culture and practical expressions
This book contains simple, practical, and useful expressions with songs selected from popular groups who have gained global popularity in the last 5-6 years. These songs are most appropriate for those learning at a basic or intermediate level. With this book, you can grasp useful expressions and learn Korean culture at the same time.

▪ Find yourself naturally learning various expressions and vocabulary used in K-Pop lyrics!
Using K-Pop lyrics this book captures a learners’ interest, expediting the learning process of Korean words and expressions that can be used in various situations. Also, simply by scanning the QR codes, you can instantly hear the example sentences and vocabulary, recorded by a native Korean voice actor.

▪ English translation of everything from example sentences to the provided grammar guide!
Each lesson contains example sentences of each expression, along with English translation, enabling learners to take on self-study, eliminating any unnecessary struggle. The additional appendix not only introduces K-Pop singers and their songs, but also presents grammar guides in Korean, making this book a useful material for both teachers and individual learners.  


Preface ________________________________________________________________________________4
How to Use This Book ________________________________________________________________6
Contents ________________________________________________________________________________14

마지막처럼 ____________________________________________________________________________ 19
Forever Young _____________________________________________________________________ 27
뚜두뚜두 ____________________________________________________________________________35
Kill This Love _____________________________________________________________________________43
How You Like That _____________________________________________________________________51

스트레이 키즈 STRAY KIDS
神(신)메뉴 ____________________________________________________________________________61
소리꾼 ____________________________________________________________________________69

트와이스 TWICE
Cheer Up _______________________________________________________________________________79
TT __________________________________________________________________________________87
What is Love _____________________________________________________________________95

아이유 IU
밤편지 __________________________________________________________________________________ 105
Blueming _________________________________________________________________________________113
정거장 ___________________________________________________________________________________121

에스파 asepa
Next Level _________________________________________________________________________________131
자각몽(Lucid Dream) ______________________________________________________________________139

달라달라 _________________________________________________________________________________149
Wannabe ________________________________________________________________________________157
Not Shy ___________________________________________________________________________________165

엔시티 NCT
Make a Wish (Birthday Song) __________________________________________________________175
We Go Up ______________________________________________________________________________183

Orbit ____________________________________________________________________________________193
마리아 ___________________________________________________________________________________201

Translation ________________________________________________________________________ 210
Index ______________________________________________________________________________ 240
Credits ______________________________________________________________________________ 244


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