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Hanok Today - stamped copy

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  • Art.Nr./ISBN: 9781565915138m
  • Verlag: Hollym
  • Jahr: 2023
  • Einband: Softcover
  • Seitenzahl: 280
  • Sprache: English
  • Medientyp: Buch

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New copy with export stamp on book spine   What does hanok mean to today’s generation?... mehr
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New copy with export stamp on book spine


What does hanok mean to today’s generation? Older generations may have memories of living in a hanok as a child or visiting relatives who lived in one. However, for younger people who have been exposed to hanok in a similar way culturally as they have been to Buddhist temples and palaces, hanok are often thought of as historical artifacts that need to be preserved in their old, taxidermized form.
Recently, there have been an increasing number of hanok that break this perception and have a direct connection to young people in a friendlier, more attractive way. This is the result of owners who have broken away from the stereotype of traditional hanok and created their own unique hanok.
Today, some owners are not only using hanok as residential spaces but also for commercial purposes, such as restaurants, cafes, offices, accommodations, and galleries. At the same time, they are contributing to preserving hanok and revitalizing local culture. From foreigners who arrived in Korea and fell in love with hanok, to those who created new hanok by designing and transforming them to suit their own purposes, the diverse ways of life and mindsets of these people make us rethink what hanok are. The beautiful harmony between tradition and modernity that is expressed through the passion and creativity of these people shows the infinite possibilities of hanok and gives us a glimpse into their future.
Hanok Today is not an informational book that answers all of your questions with detailed descriptions about every hanok in every photo. Rather, the authors distill the individuality and essence of each hanok and beautifully arrange the images to convey the meaning of the space, inviting readers to see, feel, and think for themselves. Follow along with the text and photographs through the eyes of the two authors and add your own interpretation to them as you go.

About the authors

Nani Park was born in Korea but grew up in Hawaii, which gives her a special perspective as both an insider and outsider of Korea. Nani lived in a hanok when she was young and first created a book about hanok when she noticed the lack of published material on the traditional Korean houses (hanok). Currently residing in Seoul, she has since published several hanok related books to share her experiences and appreciation of contemporary daily hanok life. An award-winning illustrator and art educator with a Master’s degree in fine arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York, Nani has been in the art industry for over two decades. She continues to express her art in different media, as seen in this book. Excerpts from her hanok books have continued to be republished in the newspaper JoongAng Ilbo where she is currently acting as a guest contributor for the column, “Nani Park’s Hanok Story.”

Jongkeun Lee graduated from Chung-Ang University’s Department of Photography and the graduate school of the same university. He runs a photo and video production company called GuruVisual Co., Ltd., and also teaches advertising photography at his alma mater. In 1995, he began working as a photo director, doing the covers and pictorials of Marie Claire, Maison, and Sulwhasoo magazines. Today, he is currently working for the monthly magazine Casa Living. He has long been actively engaged in product, architecture, and food photography, and has worked on many familiar advertising campaigns as a photographer. He has also taken photos of important cultural heritage such as Hunminjeongeum Haeryebon and Hyewon Hwacheop. Lee’s photography style involves deeply observing the subject and expressing it in warm and profound tones through an artistic interpretation.

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