Tablo - Pieces of You (English Edition)

Tablo - Pieces of You (English Edition)
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  • Art.Nr./ISBN: 9788954607575
  • Jahr: 2009
  • Seitenzahl: 220
  • Sprache: English
  • Medientyp: Book

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Hip hop group Epik High's leader Tablo has written a bestseller. His collection of short... mehr
Produktinformationen "Tablo - Pieces of You (English Edition)"

Hip hop group Epik High's leader Tablo has written a bestseller. His collection of short stories, "Pieces of You", topped Kyobo Book's bestseller list by selling 50 thousand copies in just one week since it was released on November 4th. The book is said to have gone into second printing. Tablo is said to be very excited about his book's popularity and thanked the readers for their interest and support. His publishing company has also denied allegations that the book is selling just because Tablo is a famous celebrity and said the book stands on its own because of its high quality and Tablo's unique perspective. The short stories in "Pieces of You" were written when Tablo was attending Stanford University. Tablo's friends say that his first short story "Andante" was applauded by his professor Tobias Wolff during his Stanford years.

This book is also available in Korean.

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