Korea Statistical Yearbook 54 (2007)

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Korea Statistical Yearbook is the most comprehensive statistical compendium in Korea. Total 19... mehr
Produktinformationen "Korea Statistical Yearbook 54 (2007)"

Korea Statistical Yearbook is the most comprehensive statistical compendium in Korea. Total 19 chapters of the Yearbook provide statistical tables including time-series data of 10 or more years, which have been compiled by National Statistical Office, other Ministries of the Government and other institutes in Korea.

Table of Contents

Ⅰ.Land and Climate
Ⅱ.Population and Household
Ⅲ.Employment, Labor and Wages
Ⅳ.Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Ⅴ.Mining and Manufacturing
Ⅵ.Construction and Housing

Ⅷ.Census of Establishments, Wholesale·Retail Trade and Services, and Business Enterprise
Ⅸ.Transportation and Information & Telecommunications
Ⅹ.Foreign Trade, Balance of Payments and Foreign Exchange
XI.Public Finance
XII.Money & Financial Institution, and Insurance & Securities
XIII.Prices and Household Economy
XIV.National Accounts and Gross Regional Domestic Product
XV.Health and Social Security
XVII.Education, Culture and Science
XVIII.Public Administration and Justice
XIX.Crime, Disaster and Accident

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