Jang Eunhwa

Journey to Korean Temples and Templestay

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Jahr: 2009

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현재 동국대학교 불교대학원에서 선불교를 공부하고 있으며, The Korea Times에 사찰기행기를 연재한 바 있다. Jang Eunhwa completed his B.A. and M.A. in English at Kyunghee University, Seoul. He has led the way in translating English into Korean and teaching English for about twenty years. Currently, he is a Ph.D. candidate in Seon Buddhist studies at Dongguk University, Seoul. Working as a translator of Korean Buddhist literature into English, he is interested in Korean Seon Buddhist practice.



Chapter 1 History of Korean Buddhism

1. Overview of Korean Buddhism

2. Three Kingdoms Period

3. Unified Silla Kingdom Period

4. Goryeo Dynasty

5. Joseon Dynasty

6. Japanese Occupation and Recent Developments (Modern Period)


Chapter 2 Korean Buddhist Temples

1. What is the Buddhist Temple?

2. Features of Korean Buddhist Temples

3. Why are Korean Temples Located on the Mountain?

4. Some Special Temples

5. Bhiksu and Bhiksuni of Korean Buddhism

6. Culture of Korean Buddhist Temples

Chapter 3 Journey to Korean Temples

1. Woljeongsa and Sangwonsa - Home of Manjusuri Bodhisattva

Tale of Woljeong Temple

Tale of King Sejo of Joseon and Sangwon Temple

Temple Stay Program of Woljeong Temple

2. Bongeun Temple

3. Geojo Hermitage

Tale of Arhats 1 Seojin Hermitage, Namwon, North Jeolla Province

Tale of Arhats 2 Arhats and Dongji Patjuk

4. Eunhae Temple

5. Baekheung Hermitage

6. Tongdo Temple 1

7. Tongdo Temple 2

Tale of Tongdo Temple

8. Samhwa Temple

Tale of Samhwa Temple

Temple Stay Program of Samhwa Temple

Chapter 4 Temple Stay

What is the temple stay?

A Typical Temple Stay Program

List of Templestay-running Temples

What is the Temple Life Program?

Temple Life Program of Bongeun Temple

Temple Life Program of Jogye Temple

Temple Life Program of Hwagye Temple

Chapter 5 Buddhism Q&A

1. Why is the Spirit Assembly Altar installed in a temple hall?

2. What are the things held in the hands of Bodhisattvas?

3. Isn't Mahayana Buddhism polytheistic as there are so many Buddhas?

4. What do they mean by the Buddha?

5. Why did Buddhism disappear in the land of origin, India?

6. How is Buddhism different from other religions?

7. Why does Buddhism have so many indigenous factors?

8. Isn't praying before Buddha statues the idol worship?

9. Why do Buddhist monks shave their head?

10. Why does the temple have so many Buddhas?

11. What is Nation-protecting Buddhism and how should we accept it?

12. Why do Buddhist monks give up their home and join the Sangha community?

13. Why had the lotus flower become a symbol of Buddhism?


Korean Dynasties

Timelines of Korean Buddhist History


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