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Temple Stay: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Temple Stay: A Journey of Self-Discovery
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  • Art.Nr./ISBN: 9788997639496
  • Verlag: Seoul Selection
  • Jahr: 2014
  • Einband: Softcover
  • Seitenzahl: 112
  • Sprache: English
  • Medientyp: Book

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A temple stay is a short sojourn at a temple where one goes to follow monastic rules of life.... mehr
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A temple stay is a short sojourn at a temple where one goes to follow monastic rules of life. For this reason, many seek out temples for the explicit purpose of having a rest. It is for this reason that a temple stay can be compared to a nap: a short break from one’s daily routine provides the energy necessary to carry on with one’s busy existence. The various programs offered around the country all possess, to some degree, the essence of Korean Buddhism. This book uses simple terms to explain the meaning of some of the rituals that one may encounter at a temple stay and gives insight into the history, philosophy and practices of Korean Buddhism. Are you ready to transcend the boundaries of religion and depart for a temple stay, the storehouse of Korean Buddhist culture? Open your mind to the information contained in this book.

Introduction 6

Chapter 1

One Special Night at a Mountain Temple 12

Full-body Bowing | Morning Service | A Tour of the Temple |

Meal of Four Bowls | On Returning to Everyday Life


Chapter 2

Temples: The Space of Practice 22

Temples as a World of Symbols | The Daily Life of Practitioners |

Imbuing Every Gesture with One’s Mind


Chapter 3

Korean Buddhism 42

The Seed of Buddhism Spreads in Korea | The Flowering of Seon |

Korean Buddhism Overcomes Danger and Rises Again


Chapter 4

Diverse Experiences through Temple Stay 58

The Growth of Temple Stay | The Temple Stay Program for Foreigners |

From Martial Arts to Coffee Beans: Special Temple Stay Programs


Chapter 5

Practice: A Happy Habit That Changes Me 84

A Practice that Heals the Body and Mind | Types and Methods of Practice in

Korean Buddhism | Practices Available during Temple Stays |

Practices That Can Be Done in Daily Life


Information 108



Delving Deeper

• Samul: Musical Instruments for Conversion of the Masses 30

• Basics of Temple Etiquette: Hapjang and Jeol 41

• Ganhwaseon: Speaking Words, Erasing Words 56

• Temple Stay Information at a Glance 64

• Experience Buddhist Temple Culture to Open Up Your Mind 72

• Angeo: A Special Study behind a Locked Door 104

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