Taekwondo: The Unity of Body Mind and Spirit

Korea Essentials 13

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Verlag: Seoul Selection

Jahr: 2013

Einband: Softcover

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Taekwondo, which literally means “the way of the hand and foot,” is an indigenous Korean tradition and the world’s most popular martial art. This book is an excellent guide for people new to the sport as well as those familiar with the beauty, efficiency and sophistication of taekwondo.

The chapters cover topics ranging from taekwondo’s origins in Korea and the meanings of both the martial art and sport to taekwondo’s rapid spread worldwide and adoption as an official Olympic event. Anything and everything about taekwondo is jam-packed in this book, which appeals to both the novice and the advanced black belt.







Introduction 6


Chapter 1

A Universal Sport 10

The Root of Korea’s Martial Arts


Chapter 2

The Philosophy of Taekwondo 26

White Outfit and Belts | Understanding Taekwondo’s Philosophy | Aesthetics

of Taekwondo


Chapter 3

A Modern History 40

The First Gwan | The General | The Korean War | The Birth of Taekwondo |

Association and Competition | Politics


Chapter 4

Taekwondo Goes Global 56

Demonstration | The Twelve Original Masters | Innovators | Legacy | Father of

Taekwondo in US | The First World Championships | The Road to Olympics


Chapter 5

Taekwondo in the Dojang 78

ITF and WTF Taekwondo | Technical Development | In the Dojang | Poomsae |

Punches and Strikes | Training | Gear | Belts | Making the Grade


Chapter 6

The Future of Taekwondo 100

Muju Taekwondo Park | The Future of Taekwondo



Information 113


Delving Deeper

An Exciting Sport—Basic Rules of Taekwondo 14

Taekwondo in Afghanistan 18

Ssireum 22

Muyedobotongji 24

Taekwondo and Ballet 36

Presidential Taekwondoists 39

Taekwondo Day 46

Kukkiwon 51

Taekwondo Peace Corps 70

Korean Tigers 76

The Dojang 99

Para-Taekwondo 105

Taekwondo Robots 110


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