Kim Ki-Young

The Housemaid - Hanyo

Digitally remastered version of 1960 movie

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  • Art.Nr./ISBN: 8809275240034
  • Jahr: 2009
  • Sprache: Korean
  • Medientyp: DVD

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A suspenseful and disturbing tale of obsession and guilt. Dong-sik (Kim Jin-kyu) is a music... mehr
Produktinformationen "The Housemaid - Hanyo"

A suspenseful and disturbing tale of obsession and guilt. Dong-sik (Kim Jin-kyu) is a music teacher whose wife (Ju Jeung-ryu) is expecting a baby. The couple already has two children, and Dong-sik is having trouble covering the bills now that they've moved into a bigger house at his wife's insistence. Hoping to make things easier for his spouse, Dong-sik hires a young woman (Lee Eun-shim) to help with the household chores. However, the new housekeeper has a secret -- she was a close friend of a woman who lost her job and then her life as a result of Dong-sik's betrayal of a confidence. Soon the new housekeeper is using her sensual wiles to lure Dong-sik into infidelity and wrecking her revenge against him and his loved ones.


Laufzeit:        110 Min        
Regionalcode:        ALL
DVD-Format:        DVD-9 (8,5 GB)
TV-Norm:        NTSC
Verpackung:        Digipak
Tonformat:        Koreanisch (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono)
Audiokommentar (Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo)


    Audiokommentar von Filmkritiker Kim Young-jin und Regisseur Bong Joon-ho (Koreanisch mit engl. oder korean. UT)

    Image Comparison Before & After Restoration (28:47 Min.)

    Image Gallery (Slideshow mit Musik, 1:45 Min.)

    40-seitiges Begleitbuch (Koreanisch und Englisch)

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