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A Werewolf Boy (2013) (DVD)

A Werewolf Boy (2013) (DVD)
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  • Art.Nr./ISBN: 851339004142
  • Jahr: 2013
  • Sprache: Korean (English subtitles)
  • Medientyp: DVD

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One of the most talked about Korean movies of 2012, the blockbuster fantasy romance A Werewolf... mehr
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One of the most talked about Korean movies of 2012, the blockbuster fantasy romance A Werewolf Boy revolves around a feral boy of mysterious origin and the girl who forever changes his world. The genre-bending pure love story starring popular young actors Song Joong Ki (Penny Pinchers) and Park Bo Young (Scandal Makers) set a new box office record in Korea for melodramas. Directed by Jo Sung Hee (End of Animal), the heartrending film opens in the present day, and then takes the audience back half a century to the heroine's memories of her fateful encounter with Song Joong Ki's puppy-eyed Werewolf Boy.

In 1965, sickly but headstrong teenage girl Suni (Park Bo Young) moves to a countryside manor with her mother (Jang Young Nam, Hello Ghost) and little sister (Kim Hyang Gi, The Grand Heist). The manor's former occupant was a reclusive scientist who raised wolves. Suni and her family soon discover a wild boy (Song Joong Ki) on their grounds. It's unclear who he is or where he came from, but he doesn't speak and behaves like a wolf. With the local authorities being of no help, the family has no choice but to take him in temporarily, and they even give him a name: Chul Soo. Suni gradually tames Chul Soo with the help of a dog training manual, the two forming a close bond as time passes. Their dangerously arrogant landlord Ji Tae (Yoo Yeon Seok, Re-encounter), however, has his eyes on Suni and he sets out to get rid of Chul Soo by exposing his beastly nature.

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