Kim Han Min

The Admiral: Roaring Currents (DVD) (US Version) DVD Region 1

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Art.Nr./ISBN: 1038270540

Jahr: 2015

Einband: Region 1

Sprache: Korean, English

Medientyp: DVD


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Breaking Korea's all-time box office record, blockbuster period epic The Admiral: Roaring Currents stars Choi Min Sik as 16th century admiral Yi Sun Shin, one of the most revered national heroes of Korean history. Set in 1597, the film focuses on the storied Battle of Myeongnyang in which a recently reinstated Yi led a fleet of 12 warships to victory over an invading Japanese fleet of over 100 warships. Director Kim Han Min, who achieved blockbuster success in 2011 with War of the Arrows, expands the rousing combat and heroics to a far grander scale with Roaring Currents, which features the best naval battle action scenes in Korean cinema.

The first film ever to exceed 15 million admissions at the Korean box office, Roaring Currents was also a critical success, winning a score of accolades including Best Film and Best Actor at the Daejong Film Awards and Best Director at the Blue Dragon Film Awards. Ryu Seung Ryong, who won many awards for his role as a Manchurian archer in War of the Arrows, plays the opposing Japanese fleet's unlikely pirate commander. Roaring Currents' sprawling supporting cast also includes Jo Jin Woong (A Hard Day), Jin Goo (26 Years), No Min Woo (Ghastly), Kim Tae Hoon (The Man From Nowhere), Otani Ryohei (War of the Arrows) and Lee Jung Hyun (Juvenile Offender).


Product Title:     The Admiral: Roaring Currents (DVD) (US Version)
Artist Name(s):     Choi Min Sik (Actor) | Ryu Seung Ryong (Actor) | Lee Jung Hyun (Actor) | Jin Gu (Actor) | No Min Woo (Actor) | Kim Tae Hoon | Jo Jin Woong (Actor) | Lee Seung Joon | Go Kyung Pyo (Actor) | Kwon Yool (Actor) | Otani Ryohei | Jo Bok Rae | Park Bo Gum
Director:     Kim Han Min
Release Date:     2015-04-28

Language:     English, Korean
Subtitles:     English
Country of Origin:     South Korea, United States
Disc Format(s):     DVD
Region Code:     1 - USA, Canada, U.S. Territories What is it?


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