She Brings Us Danger (AKA: Baby Alone) (DVD) (Hong Kong Version)

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Art.Nr./ISBN: 1003921322

Jahr: 2004

Einband: Region ALL

Sprache: Cantonese, Korean

Medientyp: DVD


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Produktinformationen "She Brings Us Danger (AKA: Baby Alone) (DVD) (Hong Kong Version)"

The town's best gym specializing in Korean martial arts lessons is run by three people with different backgrounds. They are Man Su (Park Sang Myun, My Wife is a Gangster), aged 35, who previously worked as the delivery man for a Chinese restaurant and is often referred to as an idiot; 30-year- old Poong Ho (Lee Won Jong, Hi Dharma 2) who used to be a policeman; and Jae Sup (Ahn Jae Mo, The Legend of Seven Cutter), aged 30, who was formerly a martial arts actor.

Man Su keeps getting in trouble and one day he finds a baby girl and brings her home. As the three men are unable to take appropriate care of the baby, the police order them to send the baby to the orphanage but they cannot stand to part with her. Thus the charming trio decide to combine their individual efforts to earn enough money to raise her. Unknown to all, a team of gangsters is after the baby because she is the heir of a powerful company.

Artist Name(s):     Park Sang Myun | Lee Won Jong
Release Date:     2004-03-12
Language:     Cantonese, Korean
Subtitles:     English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
Country of Origin:     South Korea
Picture Format:     NTSC
Disc Format(s):     DVD
Region Code:     All Region
Duration:     108 (mins)
Publisher:     Winson Entertainment Distribution Ltd.(HK)



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