Yonghae KWON, Hye-gyeong KIM, Hye-young TCHO, Jungyoon CHOI

Cours de Coréen - Niveau Débutant + Free Audio Download

Cours de Coréen - Niveau Débutant + Free Audio Download
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  • Art.Nr./ISBN: 9788927730347
  • Verlag: Darakwon
  • Jahr: 2011
  • Einband: Softcover
  • Seitenzahl: 328
  • Sprache: French, Korean
  • Medientyp: Book + MP3 Audio Download

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For Free Audio Download CLICK HERE! Why this book? This text was designed for French... mehr
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For Free Audio Download CLICK HERE!

Why this book?

This text was designed for French speakers who want to begin learning Korean as a foreign language. Using the main text, learners can not only study Korean through a variety of easy-to-understand situational dialogues and grammar explanations, but they can also study listening, speaking, reading, and writing in an integrated manner through practice exercises that combine these four skills. In addition, every chapter introduces an aspect of Korean culture in a way that French-speaking learners can easily understand. The workbook offers additional practice exercises not able to be sufficiently covered in the main text due to space requirements, allowing the learner to fully master beginning level Korean.

Caractéristiques de cette méthode

Méthode de coréen organisée spécialement pour les apprenants francophones !

Ce manuel de coréen est conçu pour les apprenants francophones au niveau débutant. Le manuel principal permet aux apprenants de comprendre facilement le coréen àtravers des situations variées de dialogue, des explications détaillées de grammaire. Il intègre aussi, dans ses exercices, divers apprentissages : écouter, parler, lire et écrire. Les apprenants peuvent aussi apprendre le coréen plus aisément et sans ennui grâce à la présentation culturelle dans chaque leçon, qui correspond à leurs besoins. Le cahier d'exercices donne aux apprenants une bonne maîtrise de la langue à travers des exercices plus sophistiqués.

About the Authors

Yonghae KWON
(Korean language and culture, Professor at La Rochelle University, PhD in Korean Language and Literature (Korean as a Foreign Language) at Sungkyunkwan University, PhD in Linguistics at Toulouse II University)

Hye-gyeong KIM
(Korean language and culture, Lecturer at Provence University, PhD in Linguistics (French as a Foreign Language) at Franche-Comté University, Translator of Korean literature, Director of the Aix-en-Provence Korean School)

Hye-young TCHO
(Korean language and culture, Lecturer at Science Po, Paris and at the Korean Cultural Center in Paris, PhD in French Literature at Sorbonne University, Post-doc in Korean Religion at EPHE, Translator of eight Korean literary works)

Jungyoon CHOI
(Korean language and culture, Lecturer at La Rochelle University and at ISIT, Paris, PhD in Interpretation at the École de Traduction et d’Interprétation of Geneva University, Conference interpreter Korean-English-French)


How to Use This Book
Map of the Book
Main Characters

Chapter 1. 한글 Chapter 2. 음절 만들기와 발음 규칙
Chapter 3. 저는 모르간이에요.
Chapter 4. 이분이 누구예요?
Chapter 5. 오늘 시간이 있어요?
Chapter 6. 요즘 뭐 해요?
Chapter 7. 지금 어디에 가요?
Chapter 8. 지금 몇 시예요?
Chapter 9. 여보세요?
Chapter 10. 지난 주말에 뭐 했어요?
Chapter 11. 내일 뭐 할 거예요?
Chapter 12. 파리 날씨가 어때요?
Chapter 13. 줄리엥 씨 가족은 모두 라로셀에 사세요?
Chapter 14. 레오 씨는 취미가 뭐예요?
Chapter 15. 감기에 걸렸어요.
Chapter 16. 요즘 빨간색 티셔츠가 유행이에요.
Chapter 17. 면접 시험을 보러 가요.
Chapter 18. 명절에는 한복을 입은 사람들이 많아요.
Chapter 19. 우리 언제 부산으로 출발할까요?
Chapter 20. 이사하는 게 안 힘들었어요?

-Listening Scripts
-Translation of Grammar and Expressions
-Translation of Culture and Society

The most systematic Korean language text for French-speaking beginning learners!

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