Easy & Fun Korean Recipes

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Easy & Fun Korean Recipes
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  • Item/ISBN: 9788927732860
  • Publisher: Darakwon
  • Year: 2022
  • Cover: Softcover
  • Pages: 200
  • Language: Korean
  • Class: Book + Free QR link + YouTube Videos

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Easy and Fun Korean Recipes is a textbook that teaches Korean through cooking, created when the... more
Product information "Easy & Fun Korean Recipes"

Easy and Fun Korean Recipes is a textbook that teaches Korean through cooking, created when the author considered how to make Korean learning more entertaining. It specially includes YouTube videos of the author personally cooking, to which readers can refer along with the textbook in order to make it easier to try cooking the 40 Korean dishes within. Dishes and snacks frequently eaten by Korean people are organized by 6 different ingredients (kimchi, rice, eggs/tofu, meat, seafood, etc.), and while learning how to cook Korean food, readers can also learn vocabulary related to simple ingredients and expressions, and even practice conversation. In addition, not only can readers instantly connect and refer to videos of each recipe via QR code, they can even hear each cooking terms and conversation sentences recorded by professional voice actors, provided via QR code as well.

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Includes 40 easy and fun recipes for Korean dishes that anyone can follow along with
A textbook with 40 carefully selected Korean dishes organized by 6 main ingredients so that even foreigners can easily follow along and choose a dish to try cooking for themselves.
Introduction of ingredients and the cooking process are provided together in Korean and English for easier understanding.

Check the author’s cooking videos on YouTube via QR code for quick and easy understanding
Each recipe includes a QR code so readers can instantly connect and refer to the author’s cooking videos on YouTube to understand the cooking process at a glance and follow along.
Using videos that include step-by-step explanations of everything from the ingredients to the cooking process, readers can try cooking Korean dishes without difficulty.

A Korean textbook you can use to study Korean cooking alongside Korean vocabulary and expressions
Each recipe includes relevant vocabulary for ingredients and cooking expressions, with simple explanations and example sentences, and readers can even learn Korean grammar.
All vocabulary words and example sentences can be checked instantly by connecting via QR code to recordings from professional voice actors.  


김치볶음밥 Kimchi-bokkeumbap
김치전 Kimchijeon
김치찜 Kimchijjim
배추김치 Baechukimchi
2. 쌀 Rice
떡꼬치 Tteok-kkochi
떡볶이 Tteokbokki
궁중떡볶이 Gungjungtteokbokki
비빔밥 Bibimbap
김밥 Gimbap

3. 달걀 · 두부 Eggs · Tofu
달걀말이 Dalgyalmari
계란찜 Gyeranjjim
두부부침 Dububuchim
두부김치 Dubukimchi
순두부찌개 Sundubujjigae

4. 고기 Meat
불고기 Bulgogi
갈비탕 Galbitang
갈비구이 Galbigui
갈비찜 Galbijjim
장조림 Jangjorim
소고기뭇국 Sogogi-mutguk
고추장불고기 Gochujangbulgogi
동그랑땡 Donggeurangttaeng
삼계탕 Samgyetang
찜닭 Jjimdak
닭갈비 Dakgalbi

5. 해산물 Seafood
해물파전 Haemulpajeon
미역국 Miyeokguk
새우전 Saeujeon
어묵탕 Eomuktang
오징어볶음 Ojingeo-bokkeum

6. 기타 Other
된장찌개 Doenjangjjigae
부대찌개 Budaejjigae
잡채 Japchae
김말이 Gimmari
호떡 Hotteok
감자전 Gamjajeon
호박죽 Hobakjuk
핫도그 Hot dog
짜파구리 Jjapaguri

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