About us

Korean books, movies and music - worldwide delivery - since 1999

Thank you for visiting koreanbook.de, the online shop of Korean Book Services. We are Europe's only specialist bookstore for books, movies and music about and from Korea!  

Korean dictionaries and language textbooks have always formed a key area of our business and led to our distributing the most relevant Korean publishers in this field in Europe.

Our range is steadily growing and has been widened according to the feedback and requests of our customers. If you are looking for something that you cannot find in our onlineshop, let us know. We will be happy to do a research and find the item for you.

1. Distribution Services

We currently represent the following publishers in Europe:

  • Cake Corporation (BTS & K-Pop Titles)
  • Darakwon Publishers (Korean Language)
  • Ewha University Press (Ewha Korean)
  • Hawoo Publishing (Sogang Korean)
  • Hollym Corporation, Publishers (Books About Korea)
  • Lontail Publishers (Talk to Me in Korean)
  • Minjungseorim Publishers (Dictionaries)
  • Osung Publishers (Kukkiwon Taekwondo)
  • Sang-a Publishers (Taekwondo)
  • Two Ponds Publishing (Avtive Korean, Seoul University Korean)
  • Yonsei University Press (Yonsei Korean)

Libraries and bookstores are welcome to order any title of the above publishers directly from us. Selected titles are also listed in German book catalogues such as the VLB / German books in Print or the KNV-catalogue. You can find our titles by entering the publisher name "Korean Book Services" instead of the original publishers.

2. Academic Services

We specialise in supplying books from Korea to bookstores, institutions, libraries and private customers. We look forward to receiving your title request (including the basic bibliographic information and the ISBN) and will get back to you with price and availability information within a few days. Upon receipt of your firm order we take care of ordering the requested titles in Korea, have them shipped from Korea and get them to you in time. Our service allows you to order titles by different Korean publishers and receive them in one shipment with a single invoice to take care of.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

3. The Publisher

Helmut Hetzer Verlag publilshes books on Korea in German language. Our current pdf-catalogue is available here.

We have published the following titles: