Hi! KOREAN 2A Workbook

Hi! KOREAN 2A Workbook
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  • Item/ISBN: 9788927733195
  • Publisher: Darakwon
  • Year: 2023
  • Cover: Softcover
  • Pages: 104
  • Language: Korean, English
  • Class: Book

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The "Hi! Korean 2A Workbook" can be used in class or for self-study along with the "Hi! Korean... more
Product information "Hi! KOREAN 2A Workbook"

The "Hi! Korean 2A Workbook" can be used in class or for self-study along with the "Hi! Korean 2A Student's Book," and it allows you to review the grammar learned in the textbook step by step, from replacement exercises to extended exercises. The self-assessment at the end of the unit allows students to check their understanding of the material by solving vocabulary and grammar questions.

The Hi! Korean series is an integrated Korean coursebook designed for foreign learners who love Korean culture and want to learn Korean. The textbooks incorporate the latest trends in Korean culture and provide a variety of activities to help learners master the four skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

While maintaining a consistent organization from beginner to advanced, it organically presents the areas of speaking, listening, reading, and writing, and separates listening and reading by section to enhance learning by section. In particular, in the step-up course, students are encouraged to develop their communication skills by expanding their learning through speaking and writing activities.

The overall composition of includes 10 student books (4 for beginners, 4 for intermediate, and 2 for advanced), which include 'Grammar and Vocabulary Book' as a separate book, and 10 workbooks (4 for beginners, 4 for intermediate, and 2 for advanced) sold separately.


    일러두기 02
    목차 04

    Chapter 1 첫날
    1-1 저는 마크라고 합니다 08
    1-2 이 사람은 제 룸메이트인데 한국 사람이에요 12
    1-3 한 단계 오르기 16

    Chapter 2 약속과 취미
    2-1 제가 지금 연락할게요 22
    2-2 저는 시간이 있을 때 친구를 만나거나 쇼핑을 해요 26
    2-3 한 단계 오르기 30

    Chapter 3 옷차림
    3-1 옷이 좀 커 보여요 36
    3-2 이 치마를 까만색으로 교환해 주세요 40
    3-3 한 단계 오르기 44

    Chapter 4 시설 이용
    4-1 통장을 만들려면 뭐가 필요한가요? 50
    4-2 미술관이 시청역 근처에 있다고 했어요 54
    4-3 한 단계 오르기 58

    Chapter 5 한국 음식과 명절
    5-1 이 식당은 맛있을 거예요 64
    5-2 저는 설날에 떡국을 맛있게 먹었어요 68
    5-3 한 단계 오르기 72

    Chapter 6 학교생활
    6-1 등록금을 사무실에 내도 돼요? 78
    6-2 한국어 문법이 조금 어려워졌어요 82
    6-3 한 단계 오르기 86

    정답 92


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