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KIMBAP Made Easy

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Say goodbye to frozen kimbap!

From basic kimbap to extra-special kimbap, this cookbook will help you make kimbap at home while capturing the texture and flavor of each ingredient. You’ll find 46 mouth-watering kimbap recipes here, each developed and tested by the test kitchen team at Recipe Factory, a company that has long specialized in menu development.

At the beginning of the book, everything about the process of making kimbap is explained from A to Z in an easy-to-understand manner so that even beginners who have never made kimbap before can follow along. There are also detailed tips on how to overcome common mistakes, with answers provided to many of the questions you may have during the preparation process.

From the middle part of the book, the recipes are organized by spiciness level so that you can choose the kimbap that best suits your preferred taste. The book also introduces ways to customize your kimbap by adding different seasonings and fillings, as well as by changing the type of rice you add and the way you roll it.

Through this compact-sized book, which is as easy to hold in one hand as a piece of bite-sized kimbap, readers unfamiliar with this Korean classic dish can now make and enjoy authentic Korean kimbap.


About the Author

Founded in 2007, Recipe Factory specializes in menu development and cookbook publishing. It publishes highly collectible cookbooks for readers on home cooking, baking, and healthy cooking. Every recipe from the Recipe Factory is developed and thoroughly tested by the in-house expert team to ensure that it is accurate, practical, and successful, no matter who is following the recipe.