Kim Jimin, Yoon Shinae, Lee Eunju

Korean Pronunciation Guide - with QR/MP3 Downloiad

How to Sound Like a Korean

Korean Pronunciation Guide - with QR/MP3 Downloiad
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  • Item/ISBN: 9788927731832
  • Publisher: Darakwon
  • Year: 2020
  • Cover: Softcover
  • Pages: 280
  • Language: English, Korean
  • Class: Book + MP3 Download

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Korean Pronunciation Guide - How to Sound Like a Korean is a learning material for the... more
Product information "Korean Pronunciation Guide - with QR/MP3 Downloiad"

Korean Pronunciation Guide - How to Sound Like a Korean is a learning material for the self-study of pronunciation, targeted for Level 2 to 4 learners, or beginners and intermediate learners of Korean. The pronunciation rules that have been covered in bits and pieces in existing Korean textbooks are summarized here in systematic structures and contents. Basic Korean pronunciations are presented by consonants, vowels, final consonants (Batchim) and liaisons; then rules that learners want to know the most in studying pronunciation are summarized in order, including palatalization and nasalization. After learning the basics and rules, learners can perform self-diagnosis of the accuracy and speed of pronunciation based on the colloquial and literary words categorized by difficulty and by subject. This book will help learners start the study from the pronunciation principles and eventually expand the study to improve speaking and listening skills.

▪ A systematic 3-step structure, composed of basics, rules and recitation
The basics step will help learners study the fundamental Korean pronunciations starting from the principles applied in creating hangeul. The rules part will help learners study pronunciation rules applied between syllables. In the last step, learners can study the applications of these rules and practice to read texts out following the actual dialogue speed.

▪ Vivid illustrations and detailed English explanations to effectively study complicated pronunciations
Illustrations are detailed and vivid, how the speech organs are moved when articulating. These will allow learners to compare and study pronunciations that they are particularly struggling with. All explanations are offered in English so that even Korean learners with less than intermediate proficiency can easily understanding the contents.

▪ 20 texts for recitation with diverse materials to learn culture and improve fluency
The writing materials are closely linked to real life, and total 20 texts are offered both in colloquial and literary styles. Learners can listen and repeat after them, expanding their understanding and knowledge of Korean culture. Texts in various styles are read by professional voice actors and learners can practice and improve their fluency as they try to follow the recorded reading speed.

Preface 4
How to Use This Book 6
Contents 10
An Overview of Korean Pronunciation 13

1 Vowels 모음 20
2 Consonants 자음 33
3 Final Consonants 받침 45
4 Liaison 연음 53

1 Aspirated Consonants: 축하 [추카] 62
2 Elimination of ㅎ Pronunciation: 괜찮아요 [괜차나요] 70
3 Fortis Articulation: 식당 [식땅] 76
4 Palatalization: 같이 [가치] 86
5 Nasalization ①: 박물관 [방물관] 92
6 Nasalization ②: 정류장 [정뉴장] 100
7 Nasalization ③: 대학로 [대항노] 106
8 Liquidization: 설날 [설랄] 112
9 Addition of ㄴ: 시청역 [시청녁] 120

Preparations for Reading 130
Colloquial Speech
1 Volunteering 봉사 활동 142
2 Interview 1 Job Seeker 취업 준비생 147
3 The Host 영화 ‘괴물’ 152
4 Nami Island 남이섬 157
5 Stretching 스트레칭 163
6 Interview 2 Film Director 영화감독 169
7 Gwangjang Market 광장 시장 174
8 Interview 3 Job Interview 면접 180
9 Weather Forecast 일기 예보 186
10 Counseling 상담 191
Written Korean
11 Coffee 커피 197
12 Korean Drama 한국 드라마 203
13 Pojangmacha (Cart Bar) 포장마차 208
14 Patbingsu 팥빙수 213
15 Military 군대 219
16 Cheering for Baseball 야구 응원 문화 224
17 Chicken and Beer 치킨과 맥주 230
18 A Man Who Cooks 요리하는 남자 236
19 Ajumma Perm 아줌마 파마 242
20 Day Culture 데이 문화 248

Answers 256
English Translations 259
Explanations in Korean 268
Hangeul Table 276
Reading Numbers 277
Index 279

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