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10-Minute Korean

Daily Conversation Practice For Beginners

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  • Item/ISBN: 9791191343564
  • Publisher: Longtail
  • Year: 2024
  • Cover: Softcover
  • Pages: 184
  • Language: English, Korean
  • Class: Book

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Train yourself for real Korean interactions in 10-minute chunks! You’ll reach a lower... more
Product information "10-Minute Korean"

Train yourself for real Korean interactions in 10-minute chunks! You’ll reach a lower intermediate level after just 50 days.

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How You’ll Learn

  •     Study in chunks short enough for any schedule
  •     Learn through natural conversation
  •     Pick up practical grammar you can apply anywhere
  •     Listen, repeat, and role-play with audio read by native speakers

Not all of us can study for 30 minutes or more each day. Life is crazy — we understand!
That’s why we’ve created a book for beginners that fits right into your schedule.

Reach a lower intermediate level in just 50 days.

10 Minutes A Day

Find all your study material on just two pages every day. Read, listen, repeat, and practice in 10 minutes — you won’t find a Korean textbook easier to follow.

Real-Life Conversations

Learn with natural conversations that touch on daily life in Korea and elsewhere. After 50 days, you’ll be able to hold your own in a variety of real situations.

Practical Grammar, Learn Naturally

Pick up handy grammar points and vocabulary in context. Stay on track with helpful explanations. Each lesson helps build a base you can use to keep studying later.

Listen and Repeat

Use our audio track to check comprehension, model pronunciation, and practice speaking your part. Get immersed with ambient sound recorded in Korea.
If you’re looking for a fun and easy start to your studies, 10-Minute Korean is the book for you.

Table of Contents

How to Use This Book

Quick Guide to 한글(Hangeul)
Korean Speech Levels
Basic Korean Greetings

Day 01 제 이름은 최경은이에요. My name is Kyeong-eun Choi.
Day 02 저 학생 아니에요. I’m not a student.
Day 03 이게 뭐예요? What’s this?
Day 04 저 집에 가요. I go home. / I’m going home.
Day 05 책 읽어요. I read a book. / I’m reading a book.

Review Quiz 01-05

Day 06 저는 스물네 살이에요. I’m 24 years old.
Day 07 오늘 5월 22일이에요. Today is May 22nd.
Day 08 생일이 언제예요? When is your birthday?
Day 09 7시 30분이에요. It’s 7:30.
Day 10 그거는 4만 8천 원이에요. That one is 48,000 won.

Review Quiz 06-10

Day 11 한강 공원에서 운동해요. I exercise in Han river park.
Day 12 우리 같이 저녁 먹을까요? Shall we have dinner together?
Day 13 현우 씨도 맥주 마실래요? Hyunwoo, do you want to drink some beer, too?
Day 14 우리 카페 가자. Let’s go to the cafe.
Day 15 여기 우유 있어요? Is there any milk here?

Review Quiz 11-15

Day 16 한국어 할 수 있어요? Can you speak Korean?
Day 17 한국 드라마 보고 있어요. I’m watching a Korean drama.
Day 18 한국 노래 듣는 거예요? Are you listening to Korean songs?
Day 19 저는 잘생긴 사람을 좋아해요. I like handsome men.
Day 20 제가 제일 좋아하는 가수예요. This is the singer that I like the most.

Review Quiz 16-20

Day 21 저 남편이랑 영화 보러 가요. I’ll go to watch a movie with my husband.
Day 22 그냥 집에서 쉴 거예요. I’ll just get some rest at home.
Day 23 저기요! 주문할게요. Excuse me! I’ll place an order.
Day 24 오늘 점심에 먹을 음식이에요. This is the food that I’ll eat for lunch today.
Day 25 서울역 도착했어? Did you arrive at Seoul station?

Review Quiz 21-25

Day 26 한국어 공부하려고 왔어요. I came here to study Korean.
Day 27 그거 우리 본 영화 아니야? Isn’t it the movie that we watched?
Day 28 아이스크림부터 끊는 거 어때요? How about stop eating the ice cream first?
Day 29 저 좀 도와주세요. Please give me some help.
Day 30 그거 예쁜데 진짜 비싸요. That one is pretty but really expensive.

Review Quiz 26-30

Day 31 그 영화 보지 마세요. Don’t watch that movie.
Day 32 바다에 수영하러 가고 싶어. I want to go swimming at the beach.
Day 33 자전거 탈 줄 알아요? Do you know how to ride a bike?
Day 34 저 친구랑 게임 해도 돼요? Is it okay if I play games with my friend?
Day 35 보통 키인 것 같아요. It seems like it’s just average height.

Review Quiz 31-35

Day 36 좀 기다리셔야 돼요. You should wait a bit.
Day 37 내가 오늘 발을 안 씻어서 그래. It’s because I didn’t wash my feet today.
Day 38 그릇 뜨거우니까 조심하세요. The bowl is hot, so be careful.
Day 39 어제 뛰다가 넘어졌어요. Yesterday I was running and then fell down.
Day 40 홍대입구역에서 지하철 타시면 돼요. You can take a subway at the Hongik University station.

Review Quiz 36-40

Day 41 빨리 방학되면 좋겠다! It would be great if the vacation comes quickly!
Day 42 나랑 사귀었던 사람이야. He is the one that I used to have a relationship with.
Day 43 나 내일부터 엄마랑 운동하기로 했어. I decided to exercise with mom starting tomorrow.
Day 44 전에 허리 치료 받은 적 있어요? Have you ever had your back treated before?
Day 45 경은 씨 어디 있는지 알아요? Do you know where Kyeong-eun is?

Review Quiz 41-45

Day 46 너 자는 동안 내가 다 먹었어. I ate all of it while you were sleeping.
Day 47 피자를 너무 많이 먹었더니 배 아파. I ate too much pizza and now my stomach hurts.
Day 48 집에서 나오자마자 머리에 새똥 맞았어. As soon as I came out from home, I got bird poop on my head.
Day 49 내가 사 줄 테니까 그냥 나와. I’ll buy it for you, so just come out.
Day 50 한국어 배운 지 얼마나 됐어요? How long have you studied Korean?

Review Quiz 46-50

Answer Key
Korean Numbers

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