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Tower of Ants - Gaemi-eui tap
Choi In-ho - Tower of Ants / Gaemi-eui tap
Prize-winning author Choe In-ho paints a dizzying portrait of what living in a modern, self-centered society entails in his breakthrough short story Tower of Ants. The plot centers around a young man who is going nowhere in his 9-5...
17,90 € *
A Walk in the Mountains - San haeng
So Young-en - A Walk in the Mountains / San haeng
An apathetic husband and a wife's slow awakening to a harsh reality share center stage in Suh Eun-young's fascinating short story A Walk in the Mountains. Partly a post-modern detective story of a wife trying to find the cause of her...
18,90 € *
The Snowy Road - Nun gil
Yi Chong-Jun - The Snowy Road / Nun gil
A poignant, radiant tale of a mother's ceaseless devotion to her son, The Snowy Road is the story of a family that loses everything due to one son's abuse of alcohol. This tragedy does not shake the mother's resolve to continue to work...
17,90 € *
Twofold Song - Dugyeop-eui norae
Yi Munyol - Twofold Song / Dugyeop-eui norae
From one of Korea's most distinguished authors in the modern era comes Twofold Song, the story of a couple who ceaselessly try and express their love artistically in author Yi Mun-yul's poetic short story. Sublime and resplendent with...
17,90 € *
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