Hangrok Cho, Tyeyoung Yang, Jongbun Kwon, Junsung Ki, Sunhee Kim, Eunjung Choi

Master KOREAN 4-2 Intermediate with MP3 CD

Master KOREAN 4-2 Intermediate with MP3 CD
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  • Art.Nr./ISBN: 9788927732204
  • Verlag: Darakwon
  • Jahr: 2018
  • Einband: Softcover
  • Seitenzahl: 295
  • Sprache: Korean, English
  • Medientyp: Book + CD

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Master KOREAN 4-2: Intermediate is composed of essential vocabulary and grammar for the TOPIK... mehr
Produktinformationen "Master KOREAN 4-2 Intermediate with MP3 CD"

Master KOREAN 4-2: Intermediate is composed of essential vocabulary and grammar for the TOPIK II, Level 4. Various visual and audio materials are offered to master Korean by integrated learning of listening, speaking, reading and writing.
▪ Systematic learning for the TOPIK II, Level 4 Master KOREAN 4-2 is systematically designed for speaking, listening, reading and writing so that learners can take the TOPIK II test for Level 4 after finishing this book.
▪ Diverse and interesting assignment activities based on communicative language teaching The authors have efficiently applied many years of experiences in teaching Korean and practical data so that learners can practice to create dialogues appropriate for the actual communicative situations.

▪ Diverse visual and audio materials appropriate for the situations in each chapter Ample illustrations, photos and audio MP3 files recorded by professional voice actors will offer learning with greater fun.
▪ Real life materials on Korean culture with interesting topics and details Welfare facilities available for foreigners, Korean folk remedies, sharing of kimchi through gimjang (kimchi-making for winter) and other aspects of Korean culture that learners may want to know about appear in detailed and vivid texts, with English translation.   


서문 Preface 02
일러두기 How to Use This Book 04
목차 Contents 08
내용 구성표 Table of Contents 10
등장인물 소개 Introduction of Characters 14

Chapter 06 한국의 이해 Understanding of Korea 15
01 고궁은 서울 시민들에게 휴식 공간이나 다름없지요.
An ancient palace is like a place for relaxation for Seoulites. 16
02 02 한글날에도 행사가 많다지요?
I heard there are a lot of events on Hangeul Proclamation Day. 26
03 전통 혼례를 올리는 사람이 있기도 해요.
Sometimes there are people who have traditional weddings. 36

04 세종 대왕의 업적은 셀 수 없을 정도예요.
King Sejong’s achievements are so numerous that they are beyond counting. 46
05 다시 공부해 봅시다 Let’s review 56
문화 Culture 62

Chapter 07 소비 생활 Consumption Habits 63
01 돈도 돈이지만 일이 적성에 맞느냐가 중요하지요. Money is important, too,
but having a job that’s a good fit for you is what really matters. 64
02 다양한 능력을 펼치고자 이곳에 지원하게 되었습니다.
I applied for this job because I would like to put my various skills to use. 74
03 돈을 생각 없이 쓸 게 아니라 절약하는 습관을 들여야겠어요.
Instead of spending money carelessly, I should get in the habit of saving money. 84
04 무턱대고 사다가는 괜히 더 비싸게 사는 수가 있어요. If you make purchases
without doing any research, you may end up paying more needlessly. 94
05 다시 공부해 봅시다 Let’s review 104
문화 Culture 110

Chapter 08 문화 차이 Cultural Differences 111
01 뿔이 났다는 말은 화가 났다는 뜻이에요.
Saying you’ve grown horns means you’re angry. 112
02 경제적으로 어려운 시절을 보내면 돈의 소중함을 더 느끼게 마련이지요.
Experiencing financial hardship makes you appreciate money more. 122
03 우리 사촌 언니만 해도 지금 작은 결혼식을 계획하고 있거든요.
Just my cousin alone is planning a small wedding. 132
04 제가 독립해서 혼자 살고 싶다고 하면 저희 아버지는 반대하실 게 뻔해요.
If I say that I want to move out to live on my own, my father will obviously say no. 142
05 다시 공부해 봅시다 Let’s review 152
문화 Culture 158

Chapter 09 과학과 생활 Cultural Lifestyle 159
01 젖은 책을 말리는 데에 이 방법이 최고예요.
This is the best way to dry a wet book. 160
02 스마트폰이 없었으면 어쩔 뻔했어요?
What would we do without smartphones? 170
03 그건 생각하기 나름인 것 같아요.
That depends on how you see it. 180
04 대청마루에서 부채질을 한다거나 시원한 물에 발을 담그고 더위를 피했대요.
They avoided the heat by fanning themselves while sitting on Daecheongmaru or by
soaking their feet in cool water. 190
05 다시 공부해 봅시다 Let’s review 200
문화 Culture 206

Chapter 10 유학 생활 Life During Study Abroad 207
01 돈이 많다고 해서 모두 행복한 건 아니니까요.
Having a lot of money doesn’t guarantee happiness for everyone. 208
02 많은 사람들이 자신이 어떻게 살고 싶은지 모르는 채로 살아요.
So many people live their lives not knowing what they want to do with them. 218
03 친구가 많다고 해서 무조건 좋은 것은 아니라고 봐요.
I don’t think it’s absolutely a good thing to have a lot of friends. 228
04 지역 주민이건 아니건 누구나 와서 들을 수 있어요.
Regardless of whether you’re a local resident or not, everyone is welcome to attend. 238
05 다시 공부해 봅시다 Let’s review 248
문화 Culture 254

부록 Appendix
답안 Answers 256
듣기 지문 Listening Scripts 266
대화 번역 Dialogue Translations 281
문화 번역 Culture Section Translations 286
색인 Index 288

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