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Choreographers in Motion: Retrospective and Perspectives

Choreographers in Motion: Retrospective and Perspectives
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  • Art.Nr./ISBN: 9781565913370
  • Verlag: Hollym
  • Jahr: 2013
  • Einband: Softcover
  • Seitenzahl: 152
  • Sprache: English
  • Medientyp: Book

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Choreographers and the Universal Language Masters of Movements This book explores the... mehr
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Choreographers and the Universal Language
Masters of Movements

This book explores the lives and works of representative contemporary dance choreographers of Korea, primarily based in Seoul. The artists selected are examined in detail through interviews by thoroughly investigating their education, influences, and creative process that determines their aesthetic inclination. The artists are presented in chronological order, and are further divided into their educational backgrounds, respectively.

The two pioneers of contemporary dance of Korea Yook Wan-soon and Hong Sin Cha, following these artists, the next generation who had studied abroad is introduced. Chung Eui-sook, Ahn Sungsoo, Choe Sang-cheul, and Ahn Eun-me went to the United States, the home of contemporary dance and Yu Mina and Nam Jeong-ho went to study in Europe and absorbed the contemporary dance techniques of Europe. Meanwhile homegrown artists Kim Bock Hee, Park Myungsook, Jeon Mi Sook, Son Kwan Jung, and Ahn Aesoon developed within the university dance departments in Korea whose works are directly influenced by Korean motifs, and artists such as Hong Sungyop, Park Hobin, and Jung Young-doo originally had different majors, but later changed their careers to contemporary dance. As well as these respected artists, the book covers arising young choreographers and their artistic experiments.

Despite the categorizations according to their international and national influences, it does not do justice to simply classify these artists’ works in to mere American, European, or Korean styles. This book ultimately pursued to find common aspects that motivate and inspire Korean choreographers that can be identified as the “local style” in pursuit of the identity of contemporary dance in Korea. To hone their universal language to perfection, these choreographers more so nowadays, collaborate with specialists in various genres and are creating yet again a new dance culture.




01 Pioneers in Korean Contemporary Dance 한국의 현대 무용을 개척하다
현대 무용의 불모지였던 한국에서 현대 무용을 개척한 육완순, 홍신자
• Yook Wan-soon
• Hong Sin Cha

02 American Dreams: To the Birthplace of Contemporary Dance 현대 무용의 본고장 미국으로 가다
현대 무용의 본고장인 미국에서 정통 테크닉과 시스템을 배워 온 정의숙, 안성수, 최상철, 안은미
• Chung Eui-sook
• Ahn Sungsoo
• Choe Sang-cheul
• Ahn Eun-me

03 In Search of European Movements 유럽의 움직임을 찾아 가다
유럽 현대 무용의 영향으로 실험적 도전 정신을 실천하는 유미나, 남정호
• Yu Mina
• Nam Jeong-ho

04 Embracing Korean Identity 한국의 정체성과 교우하다
한국의 문화 풍토 속에서 독자성을 확보한 김복희, 박명숙, 전미숙, 손관중, 안애순
• Kim Bock Hee
• Park Myungsook
• Jeon Mi Sook
• Son Kwan Jung
• Ahn Aesoon

05 Brave New Talent: Korean Dancers from Outside the Academe 한국의 무용 아카데미즘과 맞서다
대학 무용학과를 중심으로 발전한 한국 무용계에서 기존 교육 시스템에서 벗어나 독자적 영역을 구축하고 있는 홍승엽, 박호빈, 정영두
• Hong Sungyop
• Park Hobin
• Jung Young-doo

06 New Generation of Contemporary Choreographers 차세대 현대 무용 안무가들
현재 한국 현대 무용계에서 새롭게 주목을 받기 시작한 박나훈, 이경은, 예효승, 안영준, 김성용, 신창호, 차진엽, 김보람
• Park Na-hoon • Lee Kyung-eun
• Ye Hyo-seung • Ahn Young-jun
• Kim Sung-yong • Shin Chang Ho
• Cha Jin-yeob • Kim Bo-ram

07 Prospect of Contemporary Dance in Korea 한국 현대무용의 전망
한국의 현대 안무가들이 한국인이자 동시에 세계인으로서 추구하는 예술적 경지


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