Kim Soon-lye, Im Su-Jin

Learning Korean through Traditional Fairy Tales

전래동화로 배우는 한국어

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Art.Nr./ISBN: 9788927730989

Verlag: Darakwon

Jahr: 2012

Einband: Softcover

Seitenzahl: 240

Sprache: Korean

Medientyp: Book + MP3 CD


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Produktinformationen "Learning Korean through Traditional Fairy Tales"

A new reading textbook that includes interesting illustrations and lifelike, original audio recordings and translations!




Learning Korean through Traditional Fairy Tales is a reading textbook for intermediate level students of Korean. It presents Korean proverbs, idiomatic expressions, vocabulary, and grammar in an interesting format, and helps learners improve their listening, reading, writing, and speaking abilities through a variety of activities and lifelike illustrations and audio clips. It helps learners to better understand Koreans and Korean culture. We provide English, Chinese, and Japanese translations for all of the vocabulary, grammar expressions, and main text passages to satisfy the curiosity of learners and allow them to study as correctly and accurately as possible.


Who is this book designed for?

Korean learners, overseas Koreans, and immigrant spouses who have an interest in learning about traditional Korean fairy tales

Intermediate and advanced Korean learners who want to improve their reading ability

Learners and instructors of Korean located both inside Korea and abroad who have a strong interest in Korean culture



Book Description


A Storybook with Lifelike Audio and Translations


- A new reading textbook that will boost confidence in reading while allowing the reader to imagine the stories through interesting illustrations!

Imagining the unfolding plot of each fairy tale with the aid of illustrations, readers will enjoy learning the related vocabulary and expressions, and, then, through acting out the content of the stories, they can increase their confidence in not only reading but speaking as well. 


- Learn common Korean idiomatic expressions through traditional fairy tales!

Through traditional fairy tales, readers can learn about Korean culture while also becoming familiar with common Korean idiomatic expressions, such as what it means to be ‘like a tree frog, or to act like Nolbu. 


- Improve listening comprehension by leaps and bounds through lifelike audio files!

Readers can also improve their listening comprehension by listening to the included audio files recorded by a veteran professional voice actor. 


- Includes a separate appendix with all main text content translated into English, Chinese, and Japanese!

The included appendix with clear English, Chinese, and Japanese translations allows readers to accurately confirm the Korean text content of the fairy tales.



Author Introductions





Kim Soon-Lye

Masters Degree, Department of Chinese and Chinese Literature, Jeju National University

Doctor’s Course, Korean Studies, Jeju National University 

Adjunct Professor, Cheju Tourism College (Present)

Korean Instructor, Jeju Island Migrant Center (Present)

Korean Instructor, Center for International Exchange, Jeju National University (Present)

Oral Interviewer, Ministry of Justice Social Integration Program, Jeju Island Migrant Center (Present)


Books Published

Fun Korean (Co-author, 2010, Nuri Publishing)


Im Su-Jin

Masters Degree, Department of Translation and Interpretation, Jeju National University

Ph.D., Department of Chinese and Chinese Literature, Jeju National University

Korean Instructor, Halla University, Department of Information and Communication

Korean Instructor, Ministry of Justice Social Integration Program, Jeju Island Migrant Center

Korean Instructor, Center for International Exchange, Jeju National University (Present)

Korean Instructor, Halla University, Center for Language Education (Present)

Lecturer, Jeju National University, Department of Chinese and Chinese Literature (Present)


Books Published

Arains Proper Chinese (Co-author, 2011, Nuli Publishing)



Table of Contents


Explanatory Notes


Contents Index


Instructive, Interesting Stories

Chapter 1 The Story of the Green Frog

Chapter 2 Three-Year Hill

Chapter 3 The Lazybones Who Became a Cow

Chapter 4  The Strange Spring Water





Mysterious, Fantastical Stories

Chapter 5 The Lumpy Old Man

Chapter 6 The Story of Dangun

Chapter 7  The Golden Axe and the Silver Axe  

Chapter 8  The Sun and the Moon

Chapter 9  The Fairy and the Woodcutter


Korean Classical Novels

Chapter 10 Kongji and Patji

Chapter 11  Heungbu and Nolbu

Chapter 12 Dutiful Daughter Shim Cheong

Chapter 13 The Rabbit’s Liver

Chapter 14 The Story of Chunhyang

Chapter 15 The Story of Hong Gildong



Answer Key

Vocabulary Index

Skit Scripts


Separate Appendix (Translations)

Grammar and Expression Practice

Reading to Comprehend



The Characteristics of this Book




This book utilizes the characteristics of traditional fairy tales to allow readers to learn Korean in an interesting and easy manner. For those who are used to reading shorter texts, we have included pre-reading activities to arouse interest in the subject matter. Specifically, illustrations for discussion are provided before entering the main text content. Through such activities, readers can become acquainted with the vocabulary and expressions necessary for reading the main text. Then, after reading the text, post-reading activities are provided for reenacting the storylines through role-play and conversation, and also for acting out different possible endings to the fairy tales. Such activities serve to not only reinforce the joy of reading, but also foster increased confidence in listening and speaking. 



Motivates active study of the content by providing illustrations to familiarize readers with the main situations, characters, vocabulary, and expressions related to the fairy tales, and then having them imagine how the story will turn out.

While listening to lifelike audio recordings of the main texts, readers must first take a set of randomly ordered illustrations and put them in the correct chronological order to make a coherent story. Through this process, readers become easily familiarized with new vocabulary and expressions.

Intermediate level readers can directly confirm whether their ideas constructed about the story content during the pre-reading activities when they read the main fairy tale texts. 

After reading the main texts and confirming the meaning of the related grammar points and their usage, readers can write their own sentences using the new grammar correctly. 

After the illustrations describing the content have been placed in the correct order in accordance with the fairy tale plots, readers can practice summarizing the written Korean content using spoken Korean forms, and then extend the exercise by directly acting out the plot events through role plays. 

Readers can actively practice conversation by further modifying and expanding on the content of the traditional fairy tales through cultural comparisons based on their own personal perspectives and experiences. 

The inclusion of a variety of interesting content formats, such as proverbs, quizzes, songs, games, and puzzles lets readers feel less intimidated by the main text content of the fairy tales.  

To help satisfy the curiosity of wanting to find out the meaning of many of the words and phrases in the main text, we provide a separately bound appendix containing English, Chinese, and Japanese translations for all of the important vocabulary, grammar expressions, and full main texts so that readers can more clearly comprehend what they have read.




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