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53 Korean Foods You Have to Try

53 Korean Foods You Have to Try
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  • Art.Nr./ISBN: 9781565914810
  • Verlag: Hollym
  • Jahr: 2016
  • Einband: Softcover
  • Seitenzahl: 260
  • Sprache: English
  • Medientyp: Buch

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Simple and Straightforward Korean Food Recipes 53 Representative Food Recipes:... mehr
Produktinformationen "53 Korean Foods You Have to Try"

Simple and Straightforward Korean Food Recipes

53 Representative Food Recipes: Representations and Characteristics of Korean Food
Healthy Korean Foods: No MSG or Chemical Seasoning are Included

The Korean Food Foundation and Hollym have published 『53 Korean Foods You Have to Try』 which introduces variety of Korean foods that are easy to make and rich in nutrition.

The menus selected here are representations and characteristics of Korean cuisine. The recipes are healthy and simple to prepare. The cooking method is also quite simple and straightforward, so those attempting to make Korean food for the first time will not be met too many difficulties during cooking once the ingredients are ready.

This book is divided into seven sections and each section is organized by the main ingredients. Moreover, any kind of chemical or artificial seasoning (e.g. MSG) is not included in the recipe. One can then enjoy the true, Korean flavor and original taste of the ingredients. Also, most of the ingredients that are introduced in this book are easily found in almost every grocery store. Moreover, one can adjust the level of spiciness and saltiness of the seasoning to one’s taste.

By publishing this book, we hope more people become more aware of Korean food and will enjoy it.



Ingredients / Korean-Style Eating / Menu Planning for Korean Food / Choosing Dinnerware for Korean Food / What to Drink with Korean Food

1. The Basis of Hansik, Korean Food
Myeolchi-yuksu / Soegogi-yuksu / Chaeso-yuksu

2. Vegetable Dishes Rich in Dietary Fiber
Ssam-bap / Oi-saengchae / Mu-saengchae / Kong-namul-muchim / Dotori-muk-muchim / Beoseot-bokkeum / Sigeumchi-namul / Hobak-namul / Japchae / Yeondubu / Dubu-jorim / Nokdu-bindae-tteok / Bibim-guksu / Kong-guksu / Gamja-sujebi / Sundubu-jjigae

3. Seafood Dishes Packed with Iron and Mineral
Godeungeo-jorim / Ojingeo-bokkeum / Myeolchi-bokkeun / Kkotge-tang / Miyeok-guk / Haemul-pajeon

4. Good Sources of Protein, Meat and Egg Dishes
Bulgogi / Galbi-gui / Galbi-jjim / Dak-galbi / Dak-gangjeong / Jjim-dak / Samgyetang / Bossam / Jaeyuk-bokkem / Pyogobeoseot-jeon /Gyeran-jjim / Yukgaejang

5. Gluten-free, Rice and Rice Dishes
Ssal-bap / Chaeso-gimbap / Bibimbap / Kimchi-bokkeum-bap / Hobak-juk / Tteokguk / Tteok-bokki

6. A Gold Mine of Vitamin, Kimchi and Fermented Foods
Baechu-kimchi / Oi-sobagi / Kkakdugi / Geot-jeori / Kimchi-jeon / Dubu Kimchi / Kimchi-jjigae / Doenjang-jjigae

7. Nutritious Snacks and Desserts That Boost Your Happiness
Sujeonggwa / Patbingsu / Hotteok / Yaksik


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