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Hanbok: Timeless Fashion Tradition

Korea Essentials 16

Hanbok: Timeless Fashion Tradition
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  • Jahr: 2013
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Hanbok embodies many of the social and aesthetic values of the Korean people. In accordance... mehr
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Hanbok embodies many of the social and aesthetic values of the Korean people. In accordance with the emphasis on social harmony found in Confucian philosophy, the choice of hanbok varied depending on ones position in society. Its beautifully flowing lines and harmonious color schemes are important aesthetic values found in Korean art. Hanbok is increasingly emerging into the spotlight following the popularity of Korean television dramas, which are often set in the past, and also through efforts to promote hanbok on the global stage. Renowned fashion designers around the world have taken note of hanbok and have incorporated elements of hanbok into their own work. This book will examine the origins, history, and the unique characteristics of hanbok and its contemporary standing.


Introduction 6

Chapter 1
The Origins of Hanbok 10
History of Hanbok | Essential Features of Hanbok

Chapter 2
The Beauty of Hanbok 26

Chapter 3
From Royal Court to Wedding Dress 40
Hanbok for the Royalty | Hanbok for Yangban | Hanbok for Commoners I
Hanbok for Special Occasions

Chapter 4
Tradition and Modernity 70
Stylistic Changes | 50s: Introduction to Fashion | 60s: New Community & Miniskirts | 70s: Bedrock of Industrialization | 80s: A Society in Transition I
90s: Cosmopolitan Culture

Chapter 5
Hanbok Goes Global 88
Western Designers Notice Hanbok | The Future of Hanbok

Information 104

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