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Korean for K-POP Travellers

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  • Art.Nr./ISBN: 9788927732181
  • Verlag: Darakwon
  • Jahr: 2018
  • Einband: Softcover
  • Seitenzahl: 224
  • Sprache: English
  • Medientyp: Book

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Want to travel to Korea but don't know where to start? Then this is the book for you! Korean... mehr
Produktinformationen "Korean for K-POP Travellers"

Want to travel to Korea but don't know where to start? Then this is the book for you!

Korean for K-POP Travellers is a magical book which makes learning Korean and Korean culture easy for visitors to Korea. It's a travel guide which teaches you to communicate with Koreans by using simple, accurate Korean expressionns. Of course, this book is appropriate for any beginner of Korean

Enriched with QR-Code links to online videos this is a must have for any young student of Korean.




Preface --------------------------------------- 4
How to Use This Book --------------------------- 6
Hangeul Table ------------------------------------ 12
Contents -------------------------------------------- 14

Day 1
1. 한국 도착! 여행 시작! We’re Finally in Korea! Let’s Begin Our Trip! ----- 18
2. 숙소 체크인과 주변 탐사 Checking into a Hotel and Exploring the Area ----- 30
3. 명동에서의 첫 식사 First Meal at Myeongdong ----- 42
4. 동대문에서 쇼핑 후 광장시장으로! ----- 56
Shopping at Dongdaemun then Heading to Gwangjang Market!

Day 2
5. 경복궁 수문장 교대 의식 관람 ----- 70
The Royal Guard Changing Ceremony at Gyeongbok Palace
6. 한복 입고 북촌 한옥 마을에서 인생 샷! ----- 82
Put on a Hanbok and take the best photo of yourself at Bukchon Hanok Village!
7. 인사동에서 전통차 한잔! A Cup of Traditional Tea at Insadong! ----- 96
8. N서울타워에서 본 야경 The Night View from N Seoul Tower ----- 108

Day 3
9. 시티 투어 시작! Let’s Begin the Tour of the City! ----- 118
10. 서울 안의 작은 지구촌, 이태원 Itaewon, a Taste of the World in Seoul ----- 130
11. 젊음의 거리 홍대 Hongdae, a Trendy Hangout for Young Adults ----- 142

Day 4
12. 인터넷 티켓 예매와 수령 Reserving Tickets Online and Picking Them Up ----- 154
13. 공연을 기다리면서··· Waiting for the Performance... ----- 164
14. 기다리고 기다리던 공연 관람 The Long-Awaited Performance ----- 174

Day 5
15. 서울에서의 마지막 날 Last Day in Seoul ----- 184

서울 관광 지도 A Tour Map of Seoul ----- 198
지하철 노선도 Subway Map ----- 200
유용한 앱 & 사이트 Useful Applications & Websites ----- 202
표현 색인 Expression Index ----- 204
어휘 색인 Vocabulary Index ----- 214

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