Grant Bruce K.

A Guide to Korean Characters

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Art.Nr./ISBN: 9780930878139

Verlag: Hollym

Jahr: 2005

Einband: gebunden

Seitenzahl: 367

Sprache: English

Medientyp: Buch


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Produktinformationen "A Guide to Korean Characters"

A practical 367 page handbook with all you need to read and write the written language of Korea. This invaluable mini-dictionary of characters for modern readers includes the following outstanding features:

1,800 characters arranged in a practical format.
�all the characters required in Korean schools
�models showing how to write each character
�5,000 sample vocabulary words, three per character
�sample words selected on the basis of frequency of use
Hangul-in-a-hurry�a fast method to learn the indigenous Korean alphabet.
�hangul-in-a-hurry chart for fast learning
�models showing how to write each letter
�models showing how to make syllables
Stroke-count, radical and phonetic indices
Charts of surnames, simplified hanja, look-alike characters, others.


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