Hi! KOREAN 1A Workbook

Hi! KOREAN 1A Workbook
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  • Art.Nr./ISBN: 9788927733157
  • Verlag: Darakwon
  • Jahr: 2023
  • Einband: Softcover
  • Seitenzahl: 112
  • Sprache: Korean, English
  • Medientyp: Book

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The "Hi! Korean 1A Workbook" can be used in class or for self-study alongside the "Hi! Korean 1A... mehr
Produktinformationen "Hi! KOREAN 1A Workbook"

The "Hi! Korean 1A Workbook" can be used in class or for self-study alongside the "Hi! Korean 1A Student's Book," and allows you to review the grammar you have learned in the textbook step-by-step, from replacement exercises to extended exercises. In the self-assessment at the end of the unit, students can check their level of understanding by solving vocabulary and grammar questions. In particular, Volume 1A can be utilized as a writing notebook to learn vocabulary learned in the Korean unit by writing directly.

The Hi! Korean series is an integrated Korean coursebook designed for foreign learners who love Korean culture and want to learn Korean. The textbooks incorporate the latest trends in Korean culture and provide a variety of activities to help learners master the four skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

While maintaining a consistent organization from beginner to advanced, it organically presents the areas of speaking, listening, reading, and writing, and separates listening and reading by section to enhance learning by section. In particular, in the step-up course, students are encouraged to develop their communication skills by expanding their learning through speaking and writing activities.

The overall composition of includes 10 student books (4 for beginners, 4 for intermediate, and 2 for advanced), which include 'Grammar and Vocabulary Book' as a separate book, and 10 workbooks (4 for beginners, 4 for intermediate, and 2 for advanced) sold separately.


일러두기 02
목차 04

Chapter 1 한글
1-1 한글 1 08
1-2 한글 2 12
1-3 한글 3 20

Chapter 2 소개
2-1 저는 첸이에요 26
2-2 이것이 무엇이에요? 30
2-3 한 단계 오르기 34

Chapter 3 장소
3-1 학교에서 한국어를 배워요 40
3-2 홍대에 가요 44
3-3 한 단계 오르기 48

Chapter 4 날짜
4-1 오늘이 며칠이에요? 54
4-2 어제 홍대에서 친구를 만났어요 58
4-3 한 단계 오르기 62

Chapter 5 일상
5-1 지금 몇 시예요? 68
5-2 이번 주말에 청소할 거예요 72
5-3 한 단계 오르기 76

Chapter 6 쇼핑
6-1 이 가방이 얼마예요? 82
6-2 커피를 한 잔 마시고 싶어요 86
6-3 한 단계 오르기 90

정답 96


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