Korean Medicine: A Holistic Way to Health and Healing

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Practitioners of Korean traditional medicine say the ultimate cause of disease is not so much the invasion of external elements but rather malfunctions in inherent bodily function. Since disease is considered to result from the weakening of vital energy, the emphasis is placed on boosting the body’s ability to defend against disease. Illness may be attributed to emotional states like joy or sorrow or to other internal causes such as overwork and fluctuations in the function of internal organs. Even diseases that appear to have external causes are ultimately seen as the products of internal factors. If one’s ability to fend off sickness is strong enough, then one will not get sick even if pathogens do enter the body. Thus, treatment focuses mainly on bolstering the body’s vital energy.


Introduction 6

Chapter 1
What Is Korean Traditional Medicine? 10
Origins and History | Differences from Western Medicine |
Korean, Chinese and Japanese Traditions in Medicine

Chapter 2
Basic Principles and Philosophies 26
Yin, Yang, and the Five Elements | The ‘Whole Body’ Concept |
Meridians, Energy, and Blood | Internal Organs: The Five Viscera and Six Bowels
Chapter 3
Diagnosis: The Four Methods 40
Visual Examination | Listening/Smelling | Inquiry | Palpation

Chapter 4
Methods of Treatment 48
Acupuncture | Moxibustion | Herbal Medicine | Other Treatments
Chapter 5
Remedies for Common Conditions 68
Cold | Menopausal Syndrome | Headaches | Melancholy and Rage |Chronic Fatigue |
Conditions Related to Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Postpartum Treatment | Hair Loss

Chapter 6
Korean Medicine Today and Tomorrow 80
New Trends | Modern Diagnostic Equipment | Globalizing Korean Traditional Medicine
Information 94


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