Kim Yu Mi, Bae Se Eun

Darakwon Korean Readers C1 The Story of Sim Cheong

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Darakwon Korean Readers C1 The Story of Sim Cheong
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  • Art.Nr./ISBN: 9788927732778
  • Verlag: Darakwon
  • Jahr: 2021
  • Einband: Softcover
  • Seitenzahl: 80
  • Sprache: Korean / English
  • Medientyp: Book + MP3 Downlad

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Produktinformationen "Darakwon Korean Readers C1 The Story of Sim Cheong"
About This Book

● Easy and fun reading of classic Korean tales adapted into modern Korean by level!
● Vocabulary words and expressions for reading comprehension allow easy reading without a dictionary!
● Use vivid recordings by professional Korean voice actors to improve your listening skills!
● Improve your Korean vocabulary skills and check the content you read using comprehension questions!

The “Darakwon Korean Readers” series is comprised of books that recompose classic Korean literary works to match the reading levels of students from beginner to advanced levels (A1~C2) so students can easily increase their Korean reading comprehension skills in a fun way. The fifth literary work in this series, “The Story of Sim Cheong,” adapts a classic Korean novel that allows students to consider what true filial piety is through the story of Sim Cheong, who sacrificed herself so that her father could regain his sight, while naturally becoming familiar with vocabulary words and expressions that are essential for the advanced level. In addition, through explanations about the historical background, students can understand the culture of that time period. Not only can students read the content, they can also listen to it by scanning QR codes to hear recordings of professional voice actors reading the story. Students can also use the English translations of the story and questions in the appendix at the end of the book to check their reading comprehension skills.

▪ The “Darakwon Korean Readers” series adapts classic Korean tales into modern Korean suitable for beginner to advanced levels. Each book presents vocabulary words and expressions that align with the standards of the International Standard Curriculum for Korean Language and Korean Language Education Vocabulary Content Development. Students can have fun as they easily read and understand each story.

▪ English translations of vocabulary words that are necessary for understanding the story are presented at the bottom of each page, as well as additional English explanations about grammar, expressions, and cultural background, allowing students to concentrate on reading without using a dictionary. In addition, students can easily check an English translation of the entire story in the appendix of the book.

▪ Students can listen to lively recordings done by professional voice actors by scanning the QR code on each page of the story. By looking at illustrations of the story’s main scenes and listening to the voice recordings, students can not only improve their listening skills, they can also vividly understand the emotions of the characters.

▪ Using a variety of questions in the book’s appendix, students can check their reading comprehension and practice sentence structures and vocabulary words that they should know for each corresponding level. In addition, students can compare various cultural situations with Korean culture through thought expansion questions based on the content of the story.


머리말 Preface 2
일러두기 How to Use This Book 4
작품 소개 Introduction to the Story 6
등장인물 Characters 10

1 심 봉사, 부인을 잃고 심청을 얻다 Blind Man Sim Loses His Wife and Gains Sim Cheong 11
2 심청, 장님 아버지 밑에서 잘 자라다 Sim Cheong Grows Well under Her Blind Father’s Care 16
3 심 봉사, 공양미 300석을 약속하다
Blind Man Sim Promises 300 Sacks of Rice Offered to Buddha 21
4 심청, 공양미 300석에 몸을 팔다
Sim Cheong Sells Herself for 300 Sacks of Rice Offered to Buddha 27
5 심청, 인당수에 몸을 던지다 Sim Cheong Throws Her Body into the Indangsu Sea 32
6 옥황상제, 효녀 심청을 살리다
The Great Jade Emperor Saves the Dutiful Daughter Sim Cheong 42
7 심청, 연꽃 타고 황후가 되다
Sim Cheong Rides a Lotus Blossom and Becomes Empress 47
8 심 봉사, 고난의 삶을 살다 Blind Man Sim Lives a Life of Hardship 54
9 심 봉사, 눈을 뜨다 Blind Man Sim Regains His Sight 59

부록 Appendix
내용 이해하기 Reading Comprehension 66
모범 답안 Answers 88
본문 번역 Text Translations 90


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