The Korean Verbs Guide (2 Bde / 2 vols)

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  • Jahr: 2014
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  • Sprache: English
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100 Korean Verbs and Conjugation Rules You Need to Know. The package has two books inside,... mehr
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100 Korean Verbs and Conjugation Rules You Need to Know. The package has two books inside, Volumes 1 and 2, so that it’s easier for you to carry the books with you.

The package has two books inside, Volumes 1 and 2, so that it’s easier for you to carry the books with you. The books have 300+ pages total. You can also download audio recordings of each keyword and five sample sentences at

This book is designed to help you understand how 100 of the most commonly used Korean verbs are conjugated and used. If you are just starting to learn Korean, going through all the verbs in the book one after another can be a good idea, but if you already know some Korean and want to enhance your grammar skills related to specific verbs, feel free to just look up those words and practice using them. In addition to the conjugation tables, you will see many sample sentences and quizzes to help you become more comfortable in using the verbs, so be sure to keep practicing and reviewing!


How To Use This Book
General Rules of Verb Conjugation in Korean
1. 가다 to go
2. 오다 to come
3. 먹다 to eat
4. 보다 to see
5. 사다 to buy
6. 있다 to be (there)
7. 없다 to be not (there)
8. 자다 to sleep
9. 하다 to do
10. 놀다 to play, to hang out
11. 멀다 to be far
12. 가깝다 to be close
13. 살다 to live
14. 도와주다 to help
15. 쉽다 to be easy
16. 어렵다 to be difficult
17. 눕다 to lie (down)
18. 춥다 to be cold; to feel cold
19. 덥다 to be hot; to feel hot
20. 귀엽다 to be cute
21. 싫다 to hate
22. 찾다 to look for, to find
23. 입다 to wear, to put on
24. 잡다 to grab, to catch
25. 열다 to open
26. 놀라다 to be surprised
27. 멈추다 to stop
28. 고르다 to choose
29. 모르다 to not know
30. 빠르다 to be fast
31. 걷다 to walk
32. 자르다 to cut
33. 다르다 to be different
34. 듣다 to hear
35. 물어보다 to ask
36. 웃다 to smile
37. 받다 to receive
38. 닫다 to close
39. 믿다 to believe (in)
40. 낫다 to feel better
41. 씻다 to wash
42. 앉다 to sit
43. 벗다 to take off
44. 보내다 to send
45. 팔다 to sell
46. 기다리다 to wait
47. 달리다 to run
48. 읽다 to read
49. 쓰다 to write
50. 무섭다 to be scary; to be scared
51. 만나다 to meet (up)
52. 얻다 to get
53. 만들다 to make
54. 잃어버리다 to lose (something)
55. 잊어버리다 to forget
56. 좋다 to be good
57. 좋아하다 to like
58. 마시다 to drink
59. 정하다 to decide
60. 바꾸다 to change
61. 알다 to know
62. 좁다 to be narrow
63. 넓다 to be wide
64. 떠나다 to leave
65. 때리다 to hit (someone)
66. 일어나다 to wake up
67. 늦다 to be late
68. 기르다 to grow; to raise
69. 싸우다 to fight
70. 싸다 to be cheap
71. 비싸다 to be expensive
72. 찍다 to take (a photo)
73. 졸다 to doze off
74. 쉬다 to rest
75. 크다 to be big
76. 작다 to be small
77. 졸리다 to be sleepy
78. 피하다 to avoid
79. 화내다 to get angry
80. 아프다 to be sick
81. 타다 to take, to ride
82. 느끼다 to feel
83. 죽다 to die
84. 느리다 to be slow
85. 같다 to be the same
86. 나가다 to go out
87. 울다 to cry
88. 누르다 to press
89. 밀다 to push
90. 당기다 to pull
91. 놓다 to put
92. 끝나다 to be over
93. 가르치다 to teach
94. 내다 to hand in, to pay
95. 빼다 to take out
96. 넣다 to put in
97. 배우다 to learn
98. 되다 to become
99. 걸다 to hang
100. 예쁘다 to be pretty

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