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Korean Made Easy for Everyday Life - 2nd Edition (with Audio Download)

Korean Made Easy for Everyday Life - 2nd Edition (with Audio Download)
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  • Art.Nr./ISBN: 9788927733034
  • Verlag: Darakwon
  • Jahr: 2023
  • Einband: Softcover
  • Seitenzahl: 296
  • Sprache: English, Korean
  • Medientyp: Book + Audio Download

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  • The everyday life book of the bestselling Korean Made Easy series
  • 50 common expressions for daily conversations
  • 24 real-life conversations with illustrations
  • Easy-to-understand grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation information
  • Includes up-to-date practical information on living in Korea and Korean culture


This book is a part of the Korean Made Easy series, a bestseller in self-study Korean language books. This volume helps beginner and intermediate students learn Korean through examples of real-life situations. Part 1 deals with 50 expressions which are very often used in everyday situations, and readers may even practice conversations skills with these expressions. Part 2 introduces 24 conversational examples visitors are likely to experience in Korea, along with vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and cultural content that are useful in real-life situations.

*Developing conversational skills by practicing real-life situations!**
The book allows beginning to intermediate students (A2~B1) who have knowledge of Hangul, tense and basic elements to learn practical conversational Korean. The “grammar rehearsal” and “conversation rehearsal” parts provide practice for vocabulary and grammar, ultimately resulting in increased communication skills.

*Conversations are provided in both slow pace and regular pace for enhanced listening skills!**
Part 2 offers two versions of conversations; once slow and then at regular speed so students may understand the audio better. Students may also repeatedly listen to the pronunciation of native speakers using the QR code, for enhanced listening skills.

*A fun way to understand the cultural background of the Korean language!**
In the final part of each chapter in part 2, various information about Korean life and culture is provided in Spanish to help students better understand Korea and Koreans in general. A fun way to self-study!



서문 Preface 04
이 책의 사용법 How to Use This Book 06
목차 Contents 10
내용 구성표 Table of Contents 12
등장인물 Main Characters 17

Part 1 50 Useful Expressions
Unit 01 Greetings when meeting for the first time 20
Unit 02 Expressing gratitude and apology 24
Unit 03 Expressing your thoughts 28
Unit 04 Responding to others 32
Unit 05 Greetings in everyday life 36
Unit 06 Expressions at the dinner table 40
Unit 07 Congratulating, consoling, and encouraging 44
Unit 08 Talking on the telephone 48
Unit 09 Asking someone to repeat 52
Unit 10 Saying goodbye 56

Part 2 24 Scenes in Everyday Life
Chapter 1 Beginning your journey in Korea
Scene 01 좀 천천히 말해 주세요. Could you please speak slowly? 65
Scene 02 반대쪽에서 타세요. Take the train on the opposite side. 73
Scene 03 외국인이세요? Are you a foreigner? 81
Scene 04 이쪽으로 쭉 가면 오른쪽에 편의점이 있어요. If you go straight this way, there is a convenience store on the right. 89

Chapter 2 Preparing the necessary items for living in Korea
Scene 05 외국인 등록증을 신청하고 싶어요. I want to apply for a foreigner registration card. 99
Scene 06 지금 이 집을 볼 수 있어요? Can I view this house now? 107
Scene 07 얼마 동안 돈을 내야 돼요? For how long do I have to pay? 115
Scene 08 제가 매운 음식을 못 먹어요. I can’t eat spicy food. 123

Chapter 3 Making appointments with friends in Korea
Scene 09 우리 같이 영화 볼까요? Do you want to see a movie together? 133
Scene 10 내일 친구들하고 영화를 보려고 해요. I’m going to see a movie with my friends tomorrow. 141
Scene 11 사람이 많아서 유진 씨가 안 보여요. I can’t see you, Yujin, because there are too many people here. 149
Scene 12 죄송합니다. 지금 빵이 없습니다. Sorry. There is no bread right now. 157

Chapter 4 Adapting to life in Korea
Scene 13 더 싼 거 있어요? Is there anything cheaper? 167
Scene 14 너무 짧지 않게 잘라 주세요. Please, cut it so that it is not too short. 175
Scene 15 토요일에 하지만 일요일에 쉽니다. We are open on Saturdays but closed on Sundays. 183
Scene 16 비행기로 보내시겠어요? Would you like to send it by plane? 191

Chapter 5 Working out problems
Scene 17 열도 있고 콧물도 나요. I have a fever and a runny nose. 201
Scene 18 옷이 조금 크니까 한 치수 작은 사이즈로 주세요.
The clothing is a little big, so could you give me one size smaller? 209
Scene 19 이따가 출발할 때 연락해 주세요. Please contact me when he leaves later. 217
Scene 20 가방을 잃어버렸는데 어떻게 해야 돼요? I lost my bag, what should I do? 225

Chapter 6 Traveling in Korea
Scene 21 방을 예약했는데 확인해 주시겠어요? Could you please confirm the room that I reserved? 235
Scene 22 돌아오는 배가 몇 시에 있어요? What time is the return ship? 243
Scene 23 ‘바다’ 식당에 가 보세요. Go to the restaurant ‘Bada’. 251
Scene 24 한국에서 여행해 봤어요? Have you traveled in Korea? 259

부록 Appendix
문법표 Grammar Chart 268
정답 Answers 277
색인 Index 279

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